Contact the post-production staff if you need the login credentials. Teresa After witnessing her husband’s death, a woman does what she can to survive the things that lurk unseen on the Kansas frontier. Please ask the Post Staff if you have any questions about this process. No releases need to be signed. Search by date range:

There is one problem — She is in love with Jack. December 8th – via: You clear this right with the record label who owns the composition you would like to use. Now all of your shots to be turned over will fit the sequence resolution but your reference will not. If the piece of music is in the public domain, then you can use it. A Special Thanks credit in three 3 films of your choosing.

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You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Quick Search Today Weekend Tomorrow. Betty is suddenly pulling all the strings, leaving Uno and Matt on their begging knees for mercy. You must make sure to get faculty approval for all VFX shots prior to picture-lock. Thesis film screening for our MFA graduating students.

Explain to them what your story is about and ask them to send a demo reel. She is assigned to monitor the work and writings of Jack Kerouac. December 8th – via: Then copy the project to your finishing folder on the Server as shown below.


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Please note there may be language or themes in some films View more. Under no circumstances can smoking occur within feet of camera, craft services, video village, production vehicles, or any other work area. But when he doesn’t make it back flms time, she is forced to face the evil that lurks outside.

Digital posters signed by the directors. These instructions describe how to upload video files from Premiere Pro to Frame.

Film School Thesis Screening Part I

Note that on certain lab computers, you may first need to log out of Frame. After gaining the supernatural power to see his wish, she thinks her problem is easily solved.

fsu mfa thesis films

Check out the FAQ. That way a fullscreen version of that element will be turned over.

Some of the Creative Commons licenses, however, do not play nicely with jfa we make movies. A Special Thanks credit in three 3 films of your choosing. You could, however, hire your own musicians to perform the 9th Symphony without needing to acquire a license to use the composition.

Quick Search Today Weekend Tomorrow.

fsu mfa thesis films

Josh The Ace of Spades, a hit man fresh from doing hard time, is dead set on rescuing his gorgeous drag queen brother Joker from the clutches of the dangerous Jack of Hearts in this fun fantasy film noir. You must get each license for at least:.


Even the slightest edit of a single frame will throw the soundtrack out of sync. Danny In this political satire that takes place at an elementary school, Kayla and Connie, the two most popular girls at school, have just tied for the position of fifth grade class president.

fsu mfa thesis films

When a female partner is forced on him in a mission to destroy a weapons depot, Brock takes matters into his own hands. You clear this right with the record label who owns the composition you would like to use. The speed change will be left on as the Director and Editor have already made that decision.

When the arms dealer plans a devious attack tesis the agency can Brock still save the day? Navigate to your show folder.

Two tickets to the Gold Carpet Gala the night of the thesis screening. Connect with this Organization: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. If you run into problems trying to get the Frame.