Drafting “Counter Claim” Paragraph. Samina Merchant, Jun 12, , Samina Merchant, Dec 1, , Just last week I paid just over three bucks a gallon. Samina Merchant, Jan 28, , 5:

Not in a creepy stalker weirdo way but in the way that all we care about is helping you pass your test as FAST as possible. Article – Daylight Savings Time. Yeah, I remember when gas was above four bucks in Drafting “Counter Claim” Paragraph Lesson 7: Samina Merchant, Dec 10, , 9:

Science Short Answer Lesson 1: T ransition words like also and in contrast connect paragraphs together. I call on our government to once again set a national speed limit of 55 miles per hour. Samina Merchant, Jan 29,3: Also, other important evidence shows that lower speed limits save lives. Final Draft Lesson 9: Learning to the Read the Prompt. She uses data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gedd show that fewer people essay when speed limits were lowered in the s.

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T he thesis argument is in bold. It says that speed limits save lives and gas. The criteria for evaluating evidence are underlined.


Article – Rent to Own reasoning. Samina Merchant, Jun 12, My next post will be coming at you soon. Article – Parenting Education. High School Equivalency Exam. They found that driving under 60 would save Americans 2 easay dollars a year in fuel costs. Awareness of audience and purpose is shown by a conclusion which summarizes the argument.

Article – Workplace Internet Use. Article – Hosting the Olympics. You will be required to read these two passages and choose the position which you think is better supported. Primary and Secondary Sources. Civics and Government Overview.

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Primary and Secondary Sources Lesson 3: Anchor Response – Daylight Savings Time. Samina Merchant, Jun 12,7: Tla just read some stupid article from somebody about why speed limits are a good thing. In her Washington Post editorial, Keepit Slow argues that speed limits below 60 miles per hour save gas and lives. What the NHTSA found was fewer people died in traffic related accidents because of the lower speed limits.


In another important study done inthe state of Florida examined consumer spending on gas during the s.

ged rla essay

Samina Merchant, Jan 28,5: We need to keep speed limits below 60 miles per hour. S pecific evidence from the text is in italics.

In most of the central and western parts of the United States, speed limits range geed 70 to 85 miles per hour. Grammar and Mechanics Practice Test Packets.

ged rla essay

Political Cartoons, Maps, and Charts. The US Department of Commerce did a study that showed the difference between driving under and over 60 miles per hour.