The Lord President is the most senior judge in Scotland, with authority over any court established under Scots law, apart from the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. She called to the bar in and until practised as a junior counsel, mainly in commercial and public law. Against this background the Justices have decided that it would not be appropriate or indeed feasible for them to have a comprehensive Register of Interests, as it would be impossible for them to identify all the interests, which might conceivably arise, in any future case that came before them. Judiciary of England and Wales: Instead the Justices of the Supreme Court have agreed a formal Code of Conduct by which they will all be bound, and which is now publicly available on the UKSC website. At the hearing, Court of Session outer house Judge Lord Arthurson arranged for a four-day hearing into the legal issues surrounding the case to take place at a later date.

Mrs Wolffe emigrated to the United Kingdom in Media attention to the land grab and questions in the Scottish Parliament have prompted Edinburgh City Council to demand the courts be returned to public ownership. The humble email is taken for granted, but when systems go down and emails cannot be sent or retrieved, written communication comes to a standstill. If you have any experience before any of these Tribunals, or information in relation to cases, Diary of Injustice journalists would like to hear about it. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. In response to evidence given by Lord Carloway to members I note Lord Carloway claims the creation of a register of interests would deter recruitment of candidates to become judges.

To draw up a Register of Interests, which people believed to be complete, could potentially be misleading.

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A Holyrood committee is considering proposals that would require judges and sheriffs to publish their outside interests, including details of their finances, reported here: A publicly funded adversarial environment full of vested interests: Registers of interest exist to ensure transparency and accountability in public life and there is now clearly a requirement for members of the judiciary to declare their interests as practiced by all others in public life.

The Sunday Mail newspaper reports Scotland’s judges are coming clean when they have to step away from court cases because buwiness a conflict of interests. After he ignored a warning to curb his claims, the Scottish Legal Aid Board investigated before a probe team concluded that his applications were a systematic attempt to create extra fees.


Scotland’s judges have racked up hcts of air miles on overseas trips, including jaunts to the US, India, Morocco and Malaysia. A supplementary submission lodged earlier this week also reveals major concessions from the Judicial Office for Scotland after discussions between the petitioner and the Busoness of Strategy and Governance at the Judicial Office.

If you think Scotland’s judges are honest, think again. Although lawyers will have their own email tools, judges and court staff are generally required to use HMCTS- approved email systems for security purposes.

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Cameras, video and monitors The Supreme Court routinely records proceedings and displays these on businezs monitors in the exhibition area; later video footage of hearings is uploaded to their video on demand service.

HMCTS is also pressing ahead with measures to streamline routine operations, such as trialling an electronic photo ID app to streamline security checks for legal practitioners and other routine visitors to courtroom buildings. A Law Society spokeswoman said: The Lord President has also appointed the following 11 persons as Employment Judges on a fee-paid basis, for the five-year period from 15 January until 15 January Consideration of a continued petition in private: That a new system for dealing with complaints about legal services and solicitors is introduced, recognising the paramount aim to protect consumers whilst allowing the Society to continue to deal with the professional discipline of its members, and adopting relevant processes to make 201 system speedy, effective and efficient whilst recognising the differences between consumer redress and professional discipline.

Mind you, I would point out that we, too, swear an oath, but we nonetheless still subscribe to a register. Judging the Judges reveals details of allegations against judges including alleged racial bigotry, bullying, lying, omitting details from records, conflicts of interest, and even making secret recordings of meetings. She was appointed QC in The National reported on the issue of creating a register of interests for tribunal members in October Mrs Wolffe emigrated to the United Kingdom in UK Supreme Court on declarations of judicial interests statement: Having an independent ombudsman would also simplify the appeals process and make it much pkan costly than the current process of taking appeals to the Court of Session.

One branch of the Executive which can overturn legislation from another branch, or our elected Parliaments, clearly requires the same implementation of transparency as the other.

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The charges brought against staff include assault and vandalism; road traffic offences; threatening and abusive conduct; breach of the peace; Misuse of drugs, offences against the police, data protection offences and attempts to pervert the course of justice. The review will focus on the current regulatory framework, the complaints and redress process for providers of legal services including solicitors and advocates, and ongoing market issues such as investigating the benefits of regulating firms as well as individual solicitors.


Our view however was that this would not advance matters as Mr Lockhart had been given a clear steer both after the April meeting and in the December when Accounts wrote to him on a number of matters. Existing safeguards, including the Judicial Oath, the Statement of Principles of Judicial Interests and the system of complaints against the judiciary, are sufficient to ensure the impartiality of the judiciary in Scotland.

Finally, I wish to draw attention to members of the status of the Norwegian Register of Judicial Interests, which is a very comprehensive register, and could well be used as a template for a similar register of judicial interests in Scotland.

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From April 24 this year, the Tax Chamber was established and took on the functions of the former Tax Tribunals for Scotland. Digital presentations of evidence The government has published guidance for lawyers on using court technology to present evidence on screens in courtrooms.

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It is important to distinguish between the work being done to digitise the courts and HMCTS plans regarding virtual courts and online justice more broadly.

Online dispute resolution businesx also gain in prominence, particularly for small scale monetary-based disputes eg small claims as a way of avoiding litigation clogging up the underfunded court system.

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The judge is opposed to the transparency call and has previously refused invitations to attend the Scottish Parliament and face questions in public on his opposition to judicial transparency and the creation of a register of judicial interests. The Llan President takes the view that a register of pecuniary interests for the judiciary is not needed. All previous reports can be viewed HERE.