Need to write an essay on one of the 9 main characters from the movie, Stand and Deliver. Available to students who needed me. Introduced two articles and vocabulary; students worked on completing one of choice with questions. Holocaust unit overview; Video and discussion; Began reading Daniel’s Story and answered questions. Paper is due, along with rubric and handwritten graphic organizer, plus organizer with research and citation. Maybe peer conference with a classmate at lunch if you can? Last day to research for our argument debate and paper.

Final day to work on this project is Monday. You give your speech Monday. How long will it take to write a word essay. Irac law essay format. Then, working in assigned pairs, we fixed it.

LRC typing time to finish the 3 paragraph Embedded Assessment 1 for unit 3 – Literary Anysis of Tangerine using all of the annotations we focused on throughout the lessons in Springboard see digital for specific class notes ; Revising your typed rough draft; Springboard lesson 3. Volleyball – serving warm-up. Add reactions and citations to the Double Entry Journal.

Homework pages for kindergarten. Thesis or main idea. This is due Tuesday, March 29th. M phil thesis topics in computer science. Period 9 we will do Activity 3.


homework hotspot plank jr high

Preview Unit and begin 4. Master thesis fluid mechanics.

homework hotspot plank jr high

hottspot Use the reading El desastre en mi dormitorio as a model and write a 4-paragraph letter to complain about a roommate who is too neat. We took the expository paragraph the opposite honors block wrote and peer conferenced on it.

Example ng thesis sa filipino 2. Complete the syllabic stress activity 1; research how to write a limerick and complete activity 2.

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Essay about water pollution. Returned expository essay and exemplary model to first honors block. How long is a thesis statement in an essay.

Then we read the poem again with synonyms and definitions of allusions in place. Plannk essay brainstorming sheet. Then students may discuss the ones they wrote.

History thesis literature review

Today, we prepared for our debates that will take place Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Himework to make a child do homework on sims 4. The claim notes are on page Reviewed examples and format of an Annotated Bibliography; computer to type their group created bibliography. Do you have enough? So if you are not typing it, handwrite it into four body paragraphs on MLA formatted lined paper very carefully Read learning targets on page ; hotslot KWL for Nelson Mandela; review literary terms and during reading expectations for the biography excerpt; go back an fill in more information on the KWL; complete the after reading question; then do the same for the autobiography on page Does a research paper need a title page.


Finish “Informal Letter to Principal” and Do page 1, 2, and plan.

homework hotspot plank jr high

If some students continue to let their group do research without them, the debate will become 1: Finish the Introduction portion of the organizer for argument hottspot. Afterwards wrote down all of the expressions that force the use of the Preterite Tense. Reviewed Preterite Tense sentences on the board, took a practice quiz with the Preterite Tense, then assigned homework. Print your paragraphs at the end of the period.

A five paragraph expository essay.