If you find Tinkle tough, then you can even start reading Champak in English. How do you think the company that you are in doing? So you believe it is entirely down to Antonio Conte? If it were not for a strong support system which instilled into me strong family values and morals, I would not be where I am today. That is okay, but can’t this bell be a combination of a plastic base and a sonorous instrument? I have done most of my acting in Bengali.

The best tactic is to spin the negatives into positives by stressing your attempts to improve; for example, mention your poor first-quarter grades briefly, and then describe what you did to bring them up. As emerging nations struggle to identify themselves, they are also debating which form of democracy is best for them. You should certainly describe various aspects of your professional life–your leadership skills, your career trajectory, your triumph in the face of obstacles, and so on–but do so in language that is as accessible to your reader as it is to you. Today, the number of ministers with an honest image can be counted on fingers. The foreign MBAs are very particular about knowing your uniqueness, good impactful stories. There were n number of plastic water bottles on the table.

Government should include a chapter in text books related to corruption and its desire consequences.

This plan is rural in nature. It was International Womens day and this topic was expected so I had prepared for the topic beforehand.

We will have to guard against all these crude fallacies while planning measures to fight corruption. Global Warming Is banning of Pakistani artists from India justified?


Plus, I esssay not tech savvy.

iim lucknow essay topics

Some important sample essays are as follows, although they are only indicative and not to be considered as the only way of luucknow on those topics. Introduction and work-experience related Tell us about yourself? If no, suggest measures to mitigate the disaster. IIM Lucknow Grass is always greener on the other side.

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Who is the Prime Minister of Canada? Tell me something about yourself, Don’t topis me about your work, education, Tell me what you like, hobbies etc, You studied a subject called “Management Concepts and Practices” in your undergrad, What was the book that you topifs to, Who esszy the author, What about economics, Which book, Can you tell me what is an indifference curve, How do you use Indifference curve to optimize consumption, How do you signify the slope of Indifference curve, What is the exact term used for the slope, Is this the first time you gave CAT, Oh, so you are a CAT veteran!

The panel consisted of a lady Land an older gentleman G. Why should we take you? Are you aware of how it is doing financially? What is Data mining?

iim lucknow essay topics

What is the full form of SSN My college name. Which is the most innovative company? Difference between luckniw law and a bill. So Sambit your final views on the matter?

WAT & GD Topics

How will the government allow FDI into our country? Why do we need FDI?

How do you spell your name? Even at that age, I recognized the value she placed on maximizing her resources and helping those around her. Marriages are classified into two groups: What was the impact of recession on a normal person in India? What is freedom of movement?


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It may not improve your writing skills drastically but you will get the habit of writing a decent article on D-Day. What are your other interview calls? Why do you think it will work?

Start with the main news page and then read the middle two pages completely.

IIM Lucknow Previous Years WAT and GD Topics

Many students find the meanings of the words in the dictionary, but do not read the article again. Questions can be asked from the points you have mentioned in your essay, from your field of education, your state, general economy, corporate world and topkcs latest topics.

The following steps should be considered to eradicate corruption: What is the business model of oyo rooms had done an internship in oyo rooms after 2nd iik What are the similarities between oyo rooms and uber?

The Hindu is possibly the best newspaper for you. This requires listing various life stories and choosing the best ones.