Garibaldi was the son of a sailor and came from humble beginnings, and undoubtedly, he would support a government that helped the poor. Italy was divided again into many states as a result of Congress of Vienna which frustrated Italian patriots. Only in Prussia did the king grant a constitution, but it was far from what the liberals had wanted. Germany had as main nation-state Prussia. Cultural effect Italy was divided into many states which were ruled by the kings but Italians shared the common language and history of the Roman Empire and they were very proud of their ancient glory. Giuseppe Mazzini contributed in spreading the unification ideals while Giuseppe Garibaldi fought different battles in order to free the South.

Same in Germany people shared the common language and history although they were divided into many different states. Click here to sign up. Remember me on this computer. He displays his views on the futility of unification efforts by describing them as people building their ideas on sand, which means without a strong base and foundation. We think you have liked this presentation. Napoleon made Germans to realize the benefits of unity. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

Italian Unification DBQ

First Battle of the Isonzo. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Compare and contrast German and Italian unification Introduction In 19th century, Europe nationalism rose up radically making a big impact on the history of Europe.

All the German states were under the Austrian sphere of influence. Both the two countries were assisted by foreign help in order to unify. As Prussia, itlaian was industrialized.

Gioberti himself being a priest, would likely advocate for such a method, as his allegiance lies directly with the pope.


Compare and contrast German and Italian unification. His crucial leadership brought Germany victory in Schleswig-Holstein war, Austro Prussian war and Franco Prussian war which would result in German unification.

Italian Unification DBQ

Skip to main content. Because Gioberti is a priest and thus a follower of the pope, it follows that he would favor the pope as the civil head of Italy. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. Nationalism Revolutions and Unification Nationalism Grows Nationalism — Strong feelings of pride and devotion to a nation Goal of many nationalist movements.

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italian unification dbq thesis

Today’s note sheet – Manhasset Public Schools. This sparked the nationalism and patriotism in German people.

italian unification dbq thesis

Some concessions were granted to revolutionaries, Nonetheless, counter ynification prevailed in the end when despotic rule returned to most German states, usually after the suppression of revolts by loyal imperial forces.

The unifications of Germany and Italy have many similarities as well as differences.

Italy was divided again into many states as a result of Congress of Vienna which frustrated Italian patriots. Ethnic groups in Syria. Like the Prussians, the Italians lacked of a unificatiln ideology which created confusion also within the revolutionaries.

The most developed nation — state in Italy was the Kingdom of Piedmont Sardinia. Since he was an upper class man, itaoian is assumed that he would side with monarch, as other middle class and upper class people did.

italian unification dbq thesis

Log In Sign Up. His role as a philosopher may give him a better understanding of human nature, so he is able to see a reason beside a political one, of why Italy cannot unify as it will be challenging for the people. Being exiled from Piedmont, Mazzini would be looking towards unification because of itzlian corruption present in the Italian states not under a unified government.


The Italian Unification or Italian Risorgimento is known as the chain of political and military events that produced a united Italian peninsula under. Italy became a Unitarian state while the German nation states maintained their sovereignty as long as they accepted the as emperor the leader of Prussia.

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Differently from Prussia, Italy suffered a direct Austrian dominance in the Northern part while the dominance in Prussia was mainly diplomatic. Also Napoleonic code affected the politicians.

His beliefs must have been influenced by Austrian rule and italia may have been unaware of the growing nationalist sentiment in central Italy at the time. The situation in Europe after the congress of Vienna saw Austria as the main diplomatic leader. Italian Unification February 2 nd, Politique What does it mean to be a politique?

Napoleon and Napoleonic code also affected the politicians which cause political transformation in Europe. Daniele Manin mentioned this while sending a letter to a friend which concludes that what he was saying was truly his opinion and that others shared this view as well if a politician was thinking it.

Cavour who was appointed as prime ittalian by King Victor Emmanuel II in played a tough realpolitik like Bismarck through Piedmont constitution which was the main constitution of Italian unification. Add this document to collection s.