Conduct one-to-one sessions with undergraduates and postgraduates to develop their strategies for writing critically for essays and dissertations. Through training and guidance at a wide range of institutions, the insights of the research have had a far-reaching influence on professional practice. The best marks will go to students who show that they have read around the subject and brought their own analysis and criticism to the assignment. The research has stimulated practitioner debate on the purpose, methodology and practice of assessment and its effect on student satisfaction through a range of processes:. Observation feedback from Professor Ursula Wingate includes: Sales of books indicate the value placed on the work. How to get a high mark Before starting a piece of work, make sure you understand the assessment criteria.

A further indication of quality and impact is reflected in how practitioner publications have been developed from the research and in invitations for consultancy that have resulted from the publications. Whilst activities for students such as peer assessment, feedback on drafts and engagement with exemplars have a history of use in Higher Education, the research here is significant in taking the use of these participative methods into a different realm. Research Subject Area s Education: In , nearly 2, students voted in the awards, and winners were chosen from across King’s 6, staff. The value to Higher Education of the insights has been demonstrated by invitations from over 20 UK and international universities and organisations for Professor Bloxham and the research team to contribute to staff development.

Teaching in Higher Education 12 1 To date, 14 UK coursewok have used this publication to review their assessment practices and eight have been selected to be part of the HEA pilot scheme. Innearly 2, students voted in the awards, and winners were chosen from across King’s 6, staff.

Atypically for this position, Coursewirk also lectured in programming practice. Professor Bloxham’s research builds on and links several current aspects of international inquiry, including work on the individualised, tacit, interpretive nature of academic standards; professional learning of academics; the transparency agenda in Higher Education assessment and supporting and retaining students from under-represented groups.


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The research has kcp fed into the Higher Education Academy publication designed to improve assessment, A Marked Improvement: I focussed on innovative teaching practices, including automated assessment, practical higher education teaching and student-lead teaching and learning, particularly in relation to the teaching of programming.

Studies ffeedback Higher Education 36 6: Involved in developing a proof of concept collaborative mobile decision-support kco to help patients suffering from chronic diseases to self-manage their treatment, funded by the EPSRC. The revised guidance, out for consultation between May and Augustnotes the interpretive nature of academic judgement; the importance of building shared understanding between staff and students of the basis on which academic judgements are made; and the importance of building students’ assessment literacy given the complex nature feedbaco professional judgement: Observation feedback from Professor Ursula Wingate includes: It has provided the evidence of a need for further guidance on academic standards for external examiners and therefore the Quality Assurance Agency and Higher Education Academy HEA have commissioned further research on External Examiners’ use and understanding of academic standards to guide future training.

Unit of Assessment Education. Also invited to interview Elleke Boehmer.

Understanding grades

Understanding grades Degree classifications UK degree classifications are as follows: It challenges taken for granted assumptions about shared standards, which coursewrok made explicit in written documentation such as learning outcomes, assessment criteria and statements of standards. The research undertaken by Professor Sue Bloxham and colleagues has had a significant impact on the approach to assessment in Higher Kkcl.

This may vary depending on your course and the specific piece of work; so ask your tutor if you are unsure.


The research indicates that cougsework dissatisfaction may lie in the mismatch between the explicit presentation of assessment expectations to students as analytical and criterion-referenced and the actuality of tacit, holistic, and norm-referenced tutor judgement. Marked all coursework for both years. The aim of this project was to develop a tool that abstractly represents software error traces as finite automata.

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I was interested in drawing parallels between the dynamics of these games, and the dynamics of network attacks. Two practitioner research studies were undertaken; evaluating interventions designed to increase tutor dialogue with students about assessment criteria, grading and feedback. Help Center Find new research papers in: One feedbacl university students are dissatisfied with assessment is because they think guidance, marking and feedback can be inconsistent or hard to understand.

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I would watch documentaries and read articles, but I never read books! Worked in the first English language school in the Spiti Valley, 3, metres high in the Himalayas in India. Enhancing University assessment through ffeedback student and lecturer understanding of academic standards.

Developed and evaluated strategies for Search Games, using simulation. If you need feedack understanding the exact requirements of your course, contact your tutor for clarification. The research developed a novel sociocultural perspective on assessment, providing a new metaphor to capture the nature of the professional learning that tutors engage in when developing their individual standards frameworks.

kcl coursework feedback

Remember me on this computer. A marked Improvement see 4. Assigned as a lecturer to King’s two-semester, first-year programming course, working with over students per cohort. Twice awarded the department’s Outstanding Teaching assistant award for my work.