The respondents argued that there should be adequate number of primary health care centers through government initiative at the industrial areas of Bangladesh. Symptoms of health risks: The employees of RMG sector are satisfied with the behavior of immediate boss; V. The employees of RMG sector are satisfied with the behavior of immediate boss; V. Does management reward achievements with increased responsibility? Lack of Motivation to contribute into TQM. TQM views this practice as contributing to poor quality and wasted time and cost.

Insufficient of Backward and Forward linkage. Personal safety and hygiene of the working people get top priority here. There are a lot of factors besides money that contribute to job satisfaction. Non-compliance of workplace health, safety and security regulations lead to hazardous work environments in which many workers become sick or injured, or lose their lives through accidents, fires and stampedes Delap E. Life of garments worker…………………..

Quality assessment tool for quantitative studies It could be stabilizing the change, if things are going well, or repeating the PDCA cycle if there was still an unresolved problem.

Health vulnerabilities of readymade garment (RMG) workers: a systematic review

litertaure Accessed 9 Nov This industry plays a vital role in the economy in terms of export earnings, employment generation, poverty alleviation and empowering the woman. This information will be used for this survey only and nothing else. At the global level, campaigns have drawn attention to abuses of workers’ rights in global supply chains and put pressure on international corporations to take greater responsibility for employees through corporate codes of conduct.


Seven Tools of Quality Control Tools typically taught to problem solving teams. The main grounds are for the dissatisfaction of workers and shortage of skilled manpower.

Health vulnerabilities of readymade garment (RMG) workers: a systematic review

This study will focus on the practice of TQM in the garments firms of Bangladesh as well as its impact on quality improvement.

Total quality management, now a well-known idea, is a philosophy of management for continuously improving the quality of products and processes.

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

An increasing number bangladexh organizations in developing countries are practicing Total Quality Management TQM in order to generate improvements in performance and remain competitive.

As a result, records were identified by study type of which 81 articles focused on health vulnerabilities of the RMG workers in the countries specified.

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A heavy workload can lead to stress and burnout. About female workers have been selected for this study, between18 to 36 years of age, irrespective of marital and religious status, employed in AKH garment factories situated in Dhaka City area were randomly chosen for the present study. Most women work until after dark, there are no safety arrangements for them, no transportation facilities and no accommodation at the factories.

Shewhart —Developed concept of statistical control charts.

From this process, nineteen articles 16 quantitative, 3 mixed-methods were included in the systematic review Fig. We shall be happy to provide any further explanation regarding this report if emg. The workplace is a social environment. Someone says that the persons who makes or mends dresses in the factory or garment industry is called garment workers.


Low High No Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 How flexible is the organization culture? This is evident from the fmg that the growth rate of garment exports in Bangladesh is significantly higher Now the limits of the acceptance zone can be determined as: The reported limitations of these five studies comprise: Excessive bangladehs working hours are one of the most common labour standards problems in Bangladesh Absar S.

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

Workers are given a quota to fulfill. Total Quality Management and Six Literaturs. The employees of RMG sector are satisfied with the present salary; Hypothesis 5: Table 3 Characteristics of workplace hazards exist in the South and Southeast Asian countries.

Does the company support continuing education by giving time off as needed? Aminul Islam Abu Sofioun M.

The manufacturing sector such as garment, jute and jute related goods, leather and leather related products, home textile, foot wear are contributing towards the utmost percent of Bangladesh Economy. After checking, a problem solver must act on the information. Overtime Payment Rate is Double refiew.

literature review on rmg sector in bangladesh

Based on this main objective the specific objectives of the report are to: By Tawseq Siraj Chowdhury.