A fine actor of today’s times. Baugh fired at him but Mangal Pandey dodged and overpowered Baugh with his sword. The night before Pandey’s execution, Heera visits him in his jail cell and has him place sindoor on her forehead, marking their marriage. If it is sent by India,it will definitely be nominated in all eligible categories and win inmost categories, especially in the best foreign film category. Why o why so much cleavage was shown, i cant understand!!!! The scenes and songs are all sloppily placed together, completely messing with the flow of the story.

Sepoy soldier in the 34th Bengal Native Infantry B. Wheeler of the 34th B. He surely gives my De Niro and Pacino’s something to write notes about! However, I believe that a movie does not need to be fast paced to be engaging. Baugh immediately armed himself and galloped on his horse to the lines. The music was scored by A. I do not want to describe a scene or give away any part of the story because I might be accused of being a spoiler.

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Even when he is supposed to go berserk with anger, the effort is blatantly obvious. It shows how he realized the true meaning of freedom and how it was passed on to an oppressed nation.

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Many scenes seem like they were cut and pasted haphazardly. It does not flow well with the film, often conflicts with the visuals in terms of moods.

mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

A recently published analysis of the opening stages of the Great Indian Rebellion is critical of the lack of historical evidence supporting the events ofas portrayed langhage Mangal Pandey: Is it easier, ggujarati the youth of modern India to connect with MTV and reality shows with no content?


The film is slow to start, with the first half being an introduction of all the characters. R Rahman’s music is disappointing except for the rousing title track Mangal Mangal and the ‘mujra’ Main Vari Vari; Rasiya is also good to hear, but it has no use in the movie.

Retrieved 17 August How manbal feringhee rule was shattered to pieces and the Swadeshi thrones were set up by the common consent of Hindus and Mahomedans.

Mangal Pandey

The cartridges had to be bitten at one end before use. But luckily enough, The Rising was been shown in a near by town. My expectation was high from this film. Rather they are very aptly used in the movie. For the film, see Mangal Pandey: The last minutes seemed to have hasted a bit. Having been subjected to abominations and still helping the Company fight wars, Indians rallied over a deeply held religious insult and attacked the British rulers.

mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

The sound of the firing had brought other sepoys from the barracks; they remained mute spectators. It lies on the Ghaghara River, about 75 miles km east of Lucknow. Has there been any movie ever made that satisfies everyone’s definition of a good movie? So the story of Mangal Pandey is not about the actual Uprising, but the hero whose sacrifice sparked this whole movement. And, last but not least, how can you go wrong with such a dramatic and intense period of history as Revolt of ?


Firstly, it documents a period of history that tends to be airbrushed under the carpet in British history lessons.

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This page was last edited on 7 Mayat The rest of the cast also does a great job. Aamir was perfect as Mangal Pandey but all was not well around him in the movie!!!! Pandey managed to shake him off when the Indian soldiers started pelting majgal and throwing boots at Shaikh. A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People.

A comment was made elsewhere that the younger audiences found it hard to connect with the historical character. My guess is that they do not want a false sense of nationalism to emerge on the basis of the Mangal Pandey story. I was lucky enough to find the ticket. A film based on the sequence of events that led up to the mutiny entitled Mangal Esssay Moreover, it’s about how a man realizes the true meaning of freedom, self respect and courage.

The night before Pandey’s execution, Heera visits him in his jail cell and has him place sindoor on her forehead, pnadey their marriage.