For your index, the text should link to YOUR corresponding blogpost so you can access your work on each key concept quickly and easily. Reading an image – advert analyses 3 Institution: The battle of the Christmas adverts 11 Representation: Who are they and what do they do? Introduce the Next task. The work that I’ve completed since the 6th of January are the pre production work such as camera shots, mise-en-scene, filming plan and previous tasks that were given in class.

And try editing it together. All research updated Intentions Document What you will do, what it will look like, your reasons for doing it Pre-production planning Sketches, designs, drafts, storyboards, scripts etc. To be able to develop the character profiles within your film. Date filming will be complete. Read article by following the link below. Setting — The setting between the police officers talking will be taken place in an office to make it more formal as it is a case which is being handed over to one of the officers. To evaluate New Digital Media within their political contexts.

Persil small and mighty advert it – headphones on and watch it.

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

The editing of the film was mainly cuts and the film was at a steady pace until an action scene which occurred building up a lot of tension therefore increasing mwst speed of the editing to create more of an impact. Deadline is tomorrow mfst filming footage! Remember to discuss with your partners what you expect your characters to wear, but make sure you do not use the same images! Costume – The costumes that the characters will be wearing are suits if they are part of the police or any members of authority.


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We will go through the PP and the actual exam brief together. Which is why it is so important for those who are serious about a career in it, to fend off competition by being one step ahead of the game. Posted by Mr Halsey at 4: You need to upload your footage in C3!

We will go through an example mezt the whiteboard and then you will continue to complete the grid for the rest of the lesson.

Developing your case study Task – complete the booklet for Monday, with an example of further texts that you will bring in to this. What is a passive and active audience?

Title – Audience theory Open the following PP and download it to your userarea please! Research, plan and prepare your own case study into the power of the internet. Can you apply this debate to your findings? Open the PP to recap: The main character mesf will be on the cover of my front cover for the programme will be Warren Mesy who’s the main character of the film, he is the undercover detective who infiltrates the gang.

What is your cross media study and where will it be applied in the exam? Begin the quiz and answer the questions. Friday, 11 November Friday 11th November – Week 1.


This way the photoshoot will be able to take place as the protagonist has his clothes and the prop will be ready. Focus on the following questions for each section: Or, is NDM simply and extension of the dominance of existing institutions?


What do you reveal and to make public? Remember to include what we did in lesson. Do you have any questions about the brief and nature of your coursework? Sunday, December 11, Audience research focus groups: The second outcome is Lola going to rescue her husband but then she goes and dies and the final outcome of the film is Lola going to rescue her husband and they both survive.

Thursday, 17 November Thursday 17th November – Week 2. Identify ways in which this website could have a positive impact on the institution that developed it.

AS Level Media Coursework Examples

What will I do and why? Arthouse cinemas Find some London-based arthouse cinemas and research the following: To understand of the expectations and high quality of A level coursework.

mest 2 coursework brief 2016

An ideology is a world view, a system of values, attitudes and beliefs which an individual, group or society holds to be true or important; these are shared by a culture or society about how that society should function. This is a great YouTube video taking you through 15 common mistakes filmmakers make What do you reveal and make public? Follow the ppt below: