What is one thing that you would like to improve Parent Signature: The only restrictions that exist for you here, is your ability and the accessibility of the product. Specifics of this process, such as the time-frame in which this will take place, or the format in which feedback is offered, may vary among preceptors. What is an ePortfolio? Today in class we learned about skeletal muscle. How will my portfolio be evaluated? Take note that the proficiency level of each sub-standard is rated on a four point scale:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Why do you feel this way? You have to attain full proficiency, as determined by the evaluator i. You will notice that this has already been done for you in the Acrobat template. Analysis of your portfolio will be a part of that process. This semester being the first in which this method of assessment is actually being implemented, protocol for review will vary as needed.

What is a utopia? They had to fight for their life.

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If you do not understand something about the requirement itself speak with your preceptor, if they do not have an answer for you contact Dr. You are going to create an electronic portfolio ePortfolio designed to document the knowledge and skills you are acquiring throughout your course of study here at Stockton. Happy first day of October! This month we will be focusing on a novel called “Wonder”by R. In addition to making your preceptors life easier—by keeping your portfolio streamlined, yet complete, you will end up with a collection of work that will retain some measure of utility as you move on from Homeworo.


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How did you do in the Jeopardy game? How many cones did you hit? But in the gladiators the fought 1 one 1 to see who would survive. This mscx has generally shown that these practices affect greater learning outcomes in students.

Because its a graduation requirement.

The homework bllg at MSCD has changed. English, Math, Science, Dance, and Health. This will allow us to infer where the program as a whole is succeeding and where it is lacking.

It will also provide clues as to what changes, if any, need to be made to the curriculum.

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Describe an advertisement that you have seen in real life. The following link will take you to a Prezi that was created to give you an idea of what a portfolio might look like in an alternate medium.

Pick your most exemplary work, and make sure all of the key points within a given standard are covered by the examples you provide. A notice or announcement promoting something. Identify one homwwork that you love and would do anything for.

Use the following reading to assist you. You have a large volume of the work that you completed in undergraduate courses, and it will take some time for you to organize this material into a portfolio. There are plenty of good reasons to take this project seriously, principle among them being that it is a graduation requirement for MSCD students.


mscd homework blog

Recycling is bad for the environment. How did they overcome it? By periodically taking stock of what you have learned within the context of an established framework of what you bloy supposed to know by completion of the program i.

Jeopardy This Jeopardy game consisted of the following areas: What is the difference between utopia and dystopia? Do the bottles and cans we recycle go to a recycling factory where they are nlog What is an advertisement?

Walker Biology Homework Level 1: What is an ePortfolio? Since this is the case, you should be bringing your portfolio and KASA standard sheet with you on precepting day, to ensure that you are on the right track in terms of your learning outcomes. What are we doing? The assessment itself will be conducted with a database tool we have created, which we have dubbed PortfolioBase. Something that is bad for the environment.