After accidentally dropping Shizuka’s homemade cookies, Nobita uses Doraemon’s Butterfly Letters gadget to send Shizuka an apology note. Nobita uses Doraemon’s shooting star navigating umbrella to attract a star. The episode starts with Nobita’s mother asking Nobita to buy desserts to treat their visitor. After misunderstanding a scenario where Shizuka and Dekisugi are reenacting the proposal scene from Snow White, Nobita and Doraemon travel to future to see the events of Nobita’s wedding. In the evening, he returns and forgives his master for his behavior. Nobita gets to meet his grandmother and finds he was a bit of a bratty kid. Nobita uses Doraemon’s cloning gadget to make a clone of himself so that he could shop for clothes with Shizuka while the clone and Doraemon go to Suneo’s house to play with him and Gian.

Later, when Nobita presses the trigger again, Gian comes out naked from the gadget. After facing a lot of difficulties they succeed in finding Nobita. Then, Nobita uses the gadget to get gifts from all his friends. However, she ends up coming home late and gets locked out of the house. The teacher tells the students about the ancient discoveries of great people.

Before it, he dailumotion the Dog King in the night. At first, the advertisement fails to attract customers. Nobi, Nobita’s father has lost his wallet so using a camera which can photograph past events, Nobita and Doraemon track it down.

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On his way, the robot eats the cottage cheese from Shizuka’s bag and takes her look. But later, he realizes his mistake and returns the gifts. Beso gets homewor and enjoys himself. However, Suneo and Gian get into trouble as they act greedy. They place a recorder on Suneo’s cat ChiruChiru so that it can record Suneo’s humiliating moment. In the desert scene they see a man dying of thirst.


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Hence, Gian paints a huge stone to hurt him. To make the choice of clothes easier, Shizuka uses the gadget to create a clone of herself, but the clone becomes possessive and after a scuffle, the gadget ends up in Nobita’s hands.

Gian complains to Doraemon and Nobita about the lack of letter from his forced fans, and “asks” them to hold a competition with the prize being his special portrait. But even after being harassed with the whip, Gian refuses to changes his behavior.

Doraemon tells Nobita about the woodcutter; who was gifted with a gold and silver axe by an angel for speaking the truth. At dinner, Nobita’s mother and father have conflicting memories on who proposed first.

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Nobita uses the rain-maker pen set and creates snow in the park. The episode ends with Nobita’s father fainting upon seeing that Nobita’s mother had turned into a rabbit after eating a biscuit. However, Suneo is not the only one ChiruChiru ends up recording.

Gian holds Nobita back to complete his housework. Doraemon produces a small robot which takes yen from anyone who does something bad, to get money for a new ball.

Nobita gives Shizuka’s one part of the stringless string phone and returns home to tell her a joke through the phone. But Muku and the girl’s dog, Benji get into a fight. Nobita cannot swim so Doraemon uses a powder on him which makes him able to swim through the ground or anything else solid as though it were water, so he can learn to swim. They later use it to save Gian and Suneo from a forest fire. Gian took it but requested Doraemon to repair it after accidentally turning his house to a paper house.



However, Gian and Suneo finds out about this and attempt to cause further misunderstandings between the two. However, things go out of hand when Chukenper starts fulfilling every desire -intentional or unintentional- that Nobita has.

nobita ka homework on dailymotion

Doraemon gives Nobita a rocket straw that he nobitaa use to fly. Unaware of the fact that Shizuka is present there, he opens his pant zip to pee. To save Nobita, Doraemon uses the replacement rope and replaces Gian’s mother with Nobita.

dailymotionn Nobita hands over Doraemon’s powerup megaphone gadget to Shizuka to cheer the team during the match. Nobita makes Nobita eat empty belly rice ball to increase his appetite. Doraemon and Nobita use jomework TV antenna, which allows the wearer to be prepared for any event that will happen. Shizuka likes flowers but Nobita has none. Nobita has some bad luck so Doraemon gives him a gun which shoots red bullets actually bursts of light for good luck and black bullets for bad luck, but no way of deciding which you get.