Interaction of social, cultural, economic, genetic and environmental factors and their relevance to management of Oro-facial deformities. Restorative procedure on a primary tooth e. The completed dissertation should be submitted 6 months before the final examination. Periodontology — Herbert F. Each trainee shall make at least 5 seminar presentations in each year. Orofacial dental pain emergencies — Endodontic diagnosis and management.

One Seminar per week to be conducted in the department. Digestive system – General structure of GI tract and innervations. Dental burs and other modalities of tooth preparation — recent developments air abrasions, lasers etc Infection control procedures in conservative dentistry, isolation of equipments, etc. Oral Pathology and Microbiology Developmental disturbances of oral and para oral structures, regressive changes of teeth, bacterial, viral, mycotic infection of oral cavity, dental caries, diseases of pulp and Periapical tissues, physical and chemical injuries of oral cavity, wide range of pathological lesions of hard and soft tissues of the orofacial regions like the cysts odontogenic infection, benign, malignant neoplasms, salivary gland diseases, maxillary sinus diseases, mucosal diseases, oral aspects of various systemic diseases, role of laboratory investigation in oral surgery. Essays on time management key to success, spongebob essay meme zombie holi essay in english. The student as a specialist in community dentistry is expected to suggest practical solutions to the existing oral health situation of the given community.


Sports science dissertation titles However, after marriage. Able to create not only a good oral health in the child but also a good citizen tomorrow. Diseases on Paranasal sinuses and TMJ.

It is also desirable to have certain integrated lectures by multi thesks teams on selected topics.

ntruhs thesis submission date

Courses, Application Process, Fees May 09, Laboratory investigations including special investigations of oral and oro-facial diseases. To be conducted and submit the report. The objectives may be considered as under; 1.

ntruhs thesis submission date

A minimum of five seminars should be presented by each student each year. D in Architecture M. Clinical and diagnostic skills in encouraging younger doctors to attain learning objectives.


Nutrition in preventive dentistry: Future directions and controversial questions in periodontal therapy – Submissiin directions for infection control Research directions in regenerative therapy Future directions in anti-inflammatory therapy Future directions in measurement of periodontal diseases F.

Work dairy and Log book: Cephalometric evaluation of growth. Drugs acting on Autonomic Nervous System – Cholinergic system and drugs. The synopsis of dissertation should be submitted on or before the end of first six months from the date of admission. Examiners There shall be at least four examiners in each subject. Periodontal Instrumentarium by Gill and Ginger 9.

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Respiration – Control of ventilation anoxia, asphyxia, artificial suubmission – Hypoxia – types and management 5. Pigmented lesions of oral mucosa. Second term rotation submissiob postings in other departments: Minor oral surgical and surgical endodontic procedures.


Willingness to adopt, after a critical assessment, new methods and techniques of pedodontic management developed from time to time, based on scientific research, which is in the best interest of the child patient. Defense mechanism of the oral cavity. Seminars, Journal Clubs, Case submissiin on weekly once basis.

Benign and malignant tumors of the oral cavity. No person shall be an external examiner for the same Institution for more than two consecutive years, however if there is a break of one term the person can be reappointed. Pediatric Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery — Kaban The candidate should be medically fit.

The concerned departments may conduct three tests, two of them be annual tests, one at the end of first year and the other in the second year. Benign tumors of oral cavity.

European Journal Of Orthodontics Questions on recent advances may be asked in any or all papers. Preparation of frozen sections and cytological smears.