Sounds powerful, and it might lead you to think that we should always act at a faster tempo or rhythm than our competitors, perhaps even that faster tempo is synonymous with operating inside the OODA loop. Continually making two kinds of choices in harmony while learning and adapting. Mar 06, Levie Galapon rated it really liked it. Mar 20, Matt rated it really liked it. Given its importance to the organization, you might consider a contribution to the manual to be a prerequisite for promotion to senior levels. It could have easily been distilled to fewer pages in terms of covering his multidisciplinary approach.

Science, Strategy and War: People must take action and harmonize their actions to accomplish their ideas, and they must often act quickly. The reader should expect the rewards to be commensurate with the effort involved. This is not as easy as it seems. Boyd’s lesson is clear, constant learning portends success.

osinga boyd thesis

And so there was a clear need for a book-length scholar File this under challenging — Frans P. Ich habe es kapitelweise “geskimmed”. I had hoped he wouldn’t say that, as they were the two that made my brain hurt the most.

Tom Peters referred to Boyd twice in his last major work, Re-imagine! Oct 23, Christoph Weber rated it really liked it Shelves: By highlighting diverse sources that shaped Boyd’s thinking, and by offering a comprehensive overview of Boyd’s work, this volume demonstrates that the common interpretation of the meaning of Boyd’s OODA loop concept is incomplete. Whole paragraphs obscure things before Osinga clarifies matters.

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Osknga OODA loop diagram shows how these two tactics could be used to an advantage. Aug 26, Kars rated it really liked it Shelves: One of my colleagues Ben Buchanan subsequently contacted me via Twitter and we exchanged a few messages Never neglect the psychological, cultural, political, and human dimenstions of warfare, which is inevitably tragic, osinga boyd thesis inefficient, and uncertain Quotes. The mind of war: But when customers body involved, their reactions—what they buy and at what price—trump everything else.


Military Psychology, 18 Suppl. The Mann Gulch disaster”.

osinga boyd thesis

It is about midway through the reading where it becomes easier to read since it forgets about all the thermodynamics and goes straight to military history and theory. Uncertainty is constant, and the ability to learn to adapt and overcome uncertainty equates to winning. The authors of that paper noted that a company can minimize the total design time of a car not by making decisions more quickly than its competitors but by ensuring that decisions once made never need to be revisited.

There are several reasons for this possibly counterintuitive result: Original work published Aug 08, Jaron Roux rated it it was amazing Shelves: Osinga depicts Boyd as an avid consumer of science and philosophy who adopts the post-modern and complexity perspectives of the community to develop a more agile and maneuverist approach to war and strategy.

Osinga boyd thesis

This is not a book for the novice–deep familiarity with military history and existing Maneuver Warfare literature are essential to get the most out of this rich work. However, the way the OODA loop idea could be expanded upon and applied to other topics makes it a multifaceted boyyd.


osinga boyd thesis

Organic design for command and control. Imagine also that you remove the outboard motor from the motor boat, and you are not longer in Florida. Osinga does a great service to John Boyd by writing this grand overview of his work.

Science, Strategy and War: The Strategic Theory of John Boyd by Frans P.B. Osinga

Original work published in Universal Intellectual Standards “are standards which must be applied to thinking whenever one is biology osmosis coursework potato interested in checking the quality of reasoning” – “following are. The book gets into much more complexity and some of it is a bit dry but Osinga definitely synthesizes Boyd’s ideas. John Boyd and american security. The second Toyota paradox: This would mean that at the tactical level, there should be flexibility to allow for initiative.

For the same reason, initiating actions via the circular OODA loop does not work well when one is engaged with an opponent. Much of this power will be lost, however, if people use the most common version.

He then goes on to describe each of Boyd’s briefings in detail, and they turn out to be veritable treasure troves of insight into the nature of decision-making, uncertainty, conflict, collaboration, adaptation, learning, agility and more. The Shingo System of continuous improvement.