We have outlined a number of different options described here, designed to help you tailor your support to meet your philanthropic goals. You start with an idea for some research that you take from conception through IRB submission, and ideally to a manuscript. Jones received her medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine and completed her emergency medicine residency training at Beaumont Health. As part of the curriculum you have a capstone project. Please upgrade to a modern browser such as the ones listed below: She works for Dr.

I graduated with close to K in loans, not including the interest that had accrued during my time in school. For those that are unwilling to go out of their way to get involved in research, this can be a great selling point when you are applying to residency. Her primary roles include administration of the medical education curriculum and supervision of staff, evaluation of course and faculty, providing data for accreditation reporting, and preparing data analysis reports regarding evaluation of the curriculum. Both Oakland University and Beaumont have an IRB that handles research studies occurring within their respective locations. His efforts in educational outreach programs for K students have been recognized nationally. The four-year longitudinal curriculum consists of structured coursework in research design and implementation, compliance training, research communication, and scholarly presentation, with protected time to develop mentored projects in a wide-range of community and health-related settings.

Mi has 30 years of experience in higher education, hospital, academic medical center, and health sciences library, including curriculum development and evaluation, faculty development, health information management and retrieval, grant acquisition and management, scholarly communication, strategic planning, instructional design, needs assessment, performance improvement consulting, and evidence-based medicine teaching.

ouwb capstone project

Graduates are expected to demonstrate knowledge of established and evolving biomedical, clinical, epidemiological and social-behavioral sciences, as well as the application of this knowledge to patient care. From your capstone project, at the very least you will have a poster session to present.


We believe in rewarding our medical students for doing the right thing and doing it well. Your web browser is not supported!

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Monday, Apr 09, Additionally, she is responsible for clinical course and curriculum development. Current affiliations with non-VSAS institutions and their expiration dates are listed below.

Institutional Review Boards IRB are the regulatory body that oversees and approves all research related to human subjects. His primary role capsstone Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine is to oversee all aspects of the medical student curriculum, including course planning and evaluation, managing schedules and educational resources, and student and faculty assessment.

Noiva received his B. Graduates are expected to demonstrate the ability to oueb in an interprofessional team in a manner that optimizes safe, effective patient-and population-centered care.

Please upgrade to projevt modern browser such as the ones listed below: The first year entails course work that encompasses sessions on research study and design. Anderson Cancer Center, Dr.

Agreements are also essential to protect the university from liability while students fulfill their academic program requirements at non-OUWB locations. Her primary role is to work with faculty and Beaumont physicians to ensure the ousb needs of the M2 courses are met. She is also responsible for implementing and overseeing the curriculum software as well as the training of staff and students on use of the software.

Please submit czpstone appointment request with Ms. She will respond to you as quickly as possible with an estimated wait time. Graduates are expected to demonstrate the qualities required to sustain lifelong personal and professional growth.


Manuscript submission is encouraged but not required.

ouwb capstone project

Her primary responsibilities are to assist in the development of research-related curriculum for the Embark course and to provide oversight of capstone projects for students who are pursuing clinical research.

Students may pursue projects in the areas of: Go to MySail on Oakland’s website and log in. I have done multiple away rotations and have worked in multiple hospital systems with their respective medical students. This will assist you in having a more productive meeting the first time and hopefully will prevent back and forth delays due to data not being ready for analysis.

During my residency interviews I talked almost as much about my project as I did about Urology related research I had done. At the right column is a link to the OU Appstore. You start with an idea for some research that you take from conception through IRB submission, and ideally to a manuscript.

ouwb capstone project

There is currently a backlog of consultation requests and we are making every effort to accommodate all requests. We will explore knowledge integration, specifically how the knowledge fields you have encountered through your education relate to individual and community well being, as well as broader social contexts.

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Please contact the Medical Education Directors for assistance with this process. This flagship hospital itself has over 1, beds and has all the latest and greatest.

Course and Clerkship Personnel. His primary role at OUWB is to oversee curriculum evaluation and owb assessment programs.