The hosts of the show are divided into two teams. Unlike in the American version where there is a fixed time limit per bomb and the timer continues after a successful cut , the player will be given 15 seconds for each wire the player has to cut. Audience from the studio will also have a chance to join the promo. Juan for all problem solving. One contestant plays each day.

With the exception of Paolo Ballesteros, all contestants are gay comedians who are dressed in drag. BEBOT is a one-day segment that parodies beauty pageants. Lottong Bahay’s first grand draw is considered as one of the largest raffle draws in the history of Philippine television. The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Choopeta ” by the Brazilian girl group T-Rio after its release in Each bomb has a question. Let’s Do the Switch involves pairs of Eat Bulaga!

After each group’s performance, each group will be given a score depending on their singing performance. The Best round deals with a very easy trivia question. Always Dance Contest is one of the many dance contests created by Eat Bulaga! Published on feb 25.

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Philippine Entertainment Portal, Inc. The guesser will be given the category as a clue for the word or phrase that the picturist will draw, the picturist will draw, and the Broadway audience guesser must guess the word under 45 seconds. Lucky entries that are randomly drawn will win large cash and other big prizes. Gomezportrayed by Filipino actor Aljur Abrenica through the drama and fantasy series Machete that aired on GMA Network on the same year, and the character’s spoof Achueteportrayed by Eat Bulaga!


Pogi is a beauty contest for young adult men, which became an important launchpad for the showbiz careers of Jericho Rosales and Edgar Allan Guzman.

Aside from the sponsor’s gifts, the winner receives a large financial aid from the show itself. Each group is accompanied by well-known dance groups and personalities.

problem solving eat bulaga feb 23 2015

Meanwhile, the number of votes of the home viewers is converted into the amount of emergency preparedness kits that will be brought to the affected towns in Visayas. For Team Barangaythey are must then race to the numbers laid out on the streets in under a minute. Not only did it face competition against the longest-running noontime peoblem at that time, Student Canteen ; but it also lacked advertisers, despite having their advertising rates reduced to Php Both joining the program’s cast inRichards first appeared as a host of Eat Bulaga!

Towards the end in most of the episodes of Kalyeserye, the three sisters pose a la Charlie’s Angels with ” Wannabe ” by Spice Girls being played in the background. It is a prize-giving segment. Some of the running gags and gimmicks throughout the parody series include a special gesture between Alden and Yaya Dub, called the Pabebe Solcing. Each of them picks a box that contains different cash prizes.

The first clue is difficult and perplexing but is worth the most points, while the last clue is easy and obvious but is zolving the least points. Hidden inside the boxes is either a “1” or a “0”. The segment is a revival of Feeling Pogiwhich is a spoof segment of the Mr.

The segment is sponsored by the international brand Del Monte Foods.


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The line with the most behaved people, dubbed as the ” Bayanihan Line “, receives P1, each for a total of P20, It is a game that tests the luck of the contestants.

Due to copyright issues regarding its franchised segment, this will not be uploaded nor live streamed on peoblem show’s official YouTube channel.

problem solving eat bulaga feb 23 2015

Over time, the segment has given other prizes as well. The fun tandem of Alden Richards and ‘Yaya Dub ‘ “.

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The winner will receive a large cash prize, which will be entirely awarded to the scholars of the EBest: Macho Men is sovling beauty contest for male young adults who are handsome, talented, and physically fit.

The segment is one of the many acting contests created by the noontime show for promotional purposes. A few of the barangay residents dress up in ridiculous and goofy attires. Eatwhich represents lunchtime; while Bulaga which means “to surprise”represents their plan to fill the show with big surprises.

The show has also received a lifetime achievement award for its more than three decades on buulaga from the Gawad Tanglaw Awards. Eat bulaga problem solving kalyeserye november On July 30,Eat Bulaga!

problem solving eat bulaga feb 23 2015