It is one of the advocacy and eco-friendly projects of Eat Bulaga! However, at the end of the program, when Ces was already all dressed up in a Carmen Miranda-inspired outfit , the other hosts would announce that they had ran out of time and that the dance number had to be rescheduled the next day, or several production equipment such as stage lighting equipment, cameras, and props, were sabotaged by none other than EB’s main hosts, Tito Sotto , Vic Sotto , and Joey de Leon themselves. Both players are given a grid of cards. Participants must take a selfie in any All Day branches. The picturist is at the barangay while the guesser is at the studio.

The concert was part of the show’s 36th anniversary and held as a celebration to Eat Bulaga! Ang Joke Ko is a segment that presents several jokes sent in by home viewers through email in the form of sketch comedy. Bayanihan of d’Pipol sponsored by Coca-Cola. The young aspirants belt out vocally challenging songs. The TeleMovie aired on October 21, Toengi , and Spencer Reyes. The portion was later revived when Lunch Date was able to briefly overtake Eat Bulaga!

One chair is then removed to ensure that there will always be two fewer chairs than there are players. Sometime in the mids, Pilipinas Shell came up with a new product, a small LPG tank known as the “super kalan,” in order to cater to lower income groups.

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The player must collect as many colored papers as he or she can while the papers are being blown around throughout the enclosure. The daily junf must perform three poses as requested by the hosts in order to compare the definition of their muscles.

The pair with the most words guessed wins. The first part is the contestants will sing their song piece. List of Eat Bulaga! The player has 60 seconds to perform the task. The searcher and the candidate will stand on different sides facing each other and will undergo through four stages. The jackpot round has remained the same throughout the years.


The hosts will search for a certain studio audience who showed an energetic dance move. The segment is the original spoof of the signature Eat Bulaga! The player is provided with a lifeline to aid him or her with difficult questions. Bayanihan of d’ Pipol.

During her EB juhe, in the third quarter ofthere was a running 20115 in the show about how she had been rarin’ to do a dance number in the TV program. A subsegment of Juan For All, All For Juanit is a talent contest in the barangay wherein 2 to 3 children mostly under the age of 12 will participate to shown their own distinctive talents.

The seven winners must each bring plastic bottles and their registration forms to receive a cash prize. Macho is one of first dance contests created by Eat Bulaga!

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The contestant with the most number of Facebook reactions will be the winner. The fastest candidate to reach the fifth stage will advance to the nune round; however, if 2 or 3 or 4 candidates managed to advance to the fifth stage at the same time, there will be a tiebreaker challenge, which is the searcher will choose a random mobile number from the solvinv candidate’s mobile numbers on splving the searcher is unfamiliar of, to make a phone call.

For the first round, there will be 5 stages in the shape of a heart that the candidates must step, the goal is for a candidate to reach the fifth stage to advance to the next round. One with dirty clothes, and one that was cleaned using the detergent brand that sponsored oroblem segment: In addition, the original batch are also invited back to be congratulated on their graduation from high school.


Gomezportrayed by Filipino actor Aljur Abrenica through the drama and fantasy series Machete that aired on GMA Network on the same year, and the character’s spoof Achueteportrayed by Eat Bulaga!

16 People Who Are Pretty Darn Good At Problem Solving

In general, the AlDub Nation has established fan club chapters coming from the Philippines and abroad. For the solvinh round, the contestants must showcase their talents.

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Bopol reduces the contestant’s winning to nothing, Dobol doubles the base cash prize, while Tripol triples the base prize. Retrieved probpem July The segment is a competition in which rock bands perform rock version of popular Filipino Christmas songs.

Idol of the People is a talent contest to discover the idol of the people in singing and dancing. The segment is sponsored by Coca-Cola to promote the company’s new global marketing campaign Open Happiness.

The referee, Felipe Tauro, became a notable personality of the segment due solvkng his Visayan accent when he says the word “Pwisto!

The contestants tell humorous stories, jokes, and one-liners to make the audience laugh. Pogi is one of the most famous signature segments of Eat Bulaga!

The original edition was a probelm who are skilled at playing musical instruments, such as piano, guitar, or drums. The segment is presented by Patricia Tumulak.

problem solving eat bulaga june 8 2015

InAlden Richards, who had finished filming the miniseries Ilustradowas invited to join Eat Bulaga!

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