Economic abuse refers to acts that make or attempt to make a woman financially dependent. Even more, when a woman accuses a man of rape, the court is entitled to believe the woman and arrest the man immediately without any trial or due process first. Age Majority of the respondents, 36, ages from 20 — 30 years old. The law imposes that the Barangay and the Police should always and immediately trust the account of the women, regardless of what it is and how credible it is. While there is the need to protect those who are oppressed, there should be the equal need to protect everyone from being wrongfully accused and convicted, and the need for due process, something which this law violates. Both laws pertains to sexual violence, one of the several acts of VAWC.

Furthermore, according to Ms. Economic abuse contains giving inadequate financial support or controlling the marital money. We will be calling you within this week to ask about the possibility of setting up a time for us to talk in person. There are acts that women can do against their husband which will not convict them. A certificate of appreciation was given to speaker that serves as a memento for the shared knowledge. He is a seafarer and during his stay onboard when he call home ,his wife is always fighting with him regarding money. Sexual relations refer to a single sexual act which mayor may not result to a bearing of a child.

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ra 9262 essay

Under the Descriptive Research Method, the technique used was the interview method wherein the researchers had interviewed ewsay officers regarding the Anti-VAWC law such as the Barangay Chairwoman of Brgy. Where is the justice now?

Interview Transcript with the Barangay Chairwoman of Brgy. Esasy of Convictions filed to Violence against Women and Children There are no convictions related to Violence against Women and Children for there was not a single case filed to effect such. Escauriaga who patiently answered all of our questions during an interview session.


The primary purpose of this law is to value the dignity of women and children and to guarantee full respect for human rights. Skip to main content. What if the female victim commits violence against her partner? But not all men are lucky to prevent women from exploiting this law. Survey Questionnaire – It rz a pre-written series of questions used in gathering important information from one or more persons.

THE BITTER SIDE OF RA OR VAWC LAW (Comm 1 Expository Essay) – blackpanda

This means to say that most respondents have heard of the Anti-VAWC Law but they are strongly aware of its law implementation, terms and conditions and rights and protection available to them under such provision of the law. An example of these programs is: As perceived by the respondents, the rate of abuse in women and children can be lessened through airing programs related to the Law in television and radio ads, conducting regular baranggay level women empowerment seminars and Anti-VAWC Law orientations, advertisements in posters and other mediums, and informing the public through newspaper and magazine articles.

It includes but is not limited to the following acts: With its enactment came the elimination of the legal distinction between the private and the public as the law recognized abuses committed against women by their intimate esxay as a violation of human rights. 92622 law can be filed by a woman against her; husband, boyfriend, live-in partner, dating-partner, or anyone whom she had a previous relationship with.

Special thanks to all the respondents who were involved in our research study. Crime Rates on Violence against Women and Children There were only minimal instances of reports of such violence and that these cases come very seldom and are very limited as compared to other neighboring barangays.

Profession Profile of the Respondents………………….

Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act (RA 9262)

How can the rate of rz in women and children be lessened as perceived by the respondents who are aware of RA ? Children are those below 18 years of age or those, regardless of age, who are incapable of taking care of themselves as stated in Republic Act When necessary, the offender shall be ordered by the Court to submit to psychiatric treatment or confinement.


ra 9262 essay

The data for the ea were collected using a survey questionnaire. Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay? In relation to the research study, the knowledge of the public as regards to RA is not thorough.

Like the case of Deniece Cornejo, women are capable of staging their own abuse and do self-harm, self-mutilate, even penetrate their own genitals, and claim they were abused or raped. It only means to say that all respondents are in the legal age bracket which is the age bracket limited to study by the researchers. We will write a custom essay sample on.

ra 9262 essay

Even if there are complaints, most will not be officially recorded because woman-against-man violence are usually settled informally and would not ta to court. Educational Attainment 34 respondents answered that they are high school graduates. You are commenting using your WordPress. Review of Related Literature Confined within the walls of what are supposed to be considered homes are various abuses against women.

Profile of the Respondent……………………………………………. Though most are professionals, it is still evident that only a few have a broad understanding of the law. Careful and diligent search for information includes reviewing journals, periodicals, and books 922 obtain background information, technical material, and news about industry trends and developments.