Organized service system was needed, in the country, to combat the problems sprung from the above situation as well as trained, efficient and skilled social workers were badly needed to proper implementation of social welfare services. They agreed that in the beginning Western social work education was introduced in Bangladesh as per the suggestions and recommendations of UN experts, which had continued for a long time without achieving much success. In other words, they try to relate the application of self-determination principle within collective society i. These traditional types of cooperative relationships have developed naturally over extended periods of time. The study is guided by the three specific objectives as follows: In reality the direction is slightly more toward macro social work practice; a general trend in the direction of social work education in developing countries.

From this fieldwork involvement, students are being taught to acquire basic skills which are necessary for working with an individual, group or community. Although very recently some classrooms of social work schools in ISWR have been decorated with LCD Projectors and whiteboards but it is not at par with the requirement. From the Philippines to Iraq – uO Research counterinsurgency techniques deployed in the Philippines and in Iraq in this of the theoretical framework to be adopted in the later sections of this thesis. This practice of social work can also be described as indigenized one as the female service recipient breached the norm of confidentiality because of providing counseling and motivation to the husband by apprentice social workers. Towards Cuturally Relevant Education and Practice.


Suggestions and recommendations Findings of the study make a strong point that the process of indigenization of social work education in Bangladesh is very much essential and the process is required to be strengthened. From this lhilippines involvement, students are being taught to acquire basic skills which are necessary for working with an individual, group or community.

The Need for Indigenous Foundations. However, a one-credit course titled Field Visit is offered by the Department of Social Work of the University of Rajshahi in the country.


Field work is designed to enable students to learn to apply and test theoretical knowledge and skills achieved in class that are necessary for professional practice. A history, problems agenda and relevance with national development. Findings of informal discussions with retired professors: Integrity At all the social work schools of Bangladesh, the social work students are provided with thorough idea about mission, values, principles and ethical standard of social work through course curriculum so that they could perform their duties in trustworthy manner after entering professional practice.

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Here you defend the reasons for taking up pholippines choosing a certain topic for your research. Is tracked by us since september. It places much importance on cooperation among individuals, groups, and communities in order to maximize the welfare of the mankind.

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Although books written in Bangla for the students have been criticized for not ensuring the quality, students heavily depend on these Bangla books for better understanding of social work in the context of Bangladeshi society. Some of these daily interactions enable economic and social survival by sharing the burden to accomplish tasks. But it is quite insufficient to understand the pros and cons of the whole process of field practicum as well as to understand the mission, vision and services of various agency settings.

Through this process Muhammadiyah identified several challenges in their own internal use of social work which they would like to address. This way for reach a quality and positive attitude such as asceticism, gentle, forgiving and love, and Mahabbah and ma’rifah.

Social workers promote social justice and social change. Zikir is not just spoken, but also instilled strong confidence in people’s heart, good behavior and practices.


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Unfortunately, cooperation from Hong Kong, another important country, was not enlisted. This program 1 Keputusan Menteri Pendidikan No: Its establishment is considered a significant improvement in dealing with the issues because of its orientations toward integrated protection for the victims. The debate on western social work education and indigenization will continue for some time to come Fahrudin, Issues in the development of indigenous social work in Indonesia is related to religion and the local culture.

Social welfare programs must be based on the cultural values in the local community, especially gotong royong, which is an important source of social capital in the development of social welfare. Since the researcher could collect huge range of data from different sources, therefore the above-mentioned limitations could not make a hard barrier toward analyzing the situation of indigenization of social work education in Bangladesh.

Readymade thesis philippines performance histories. Some of the cases relating to indigenization of social work education have been mentioned below: Here, the practice of social work was indigenized, having the cultural norms coordinated with the application of theoretical social work knowledge.

This suggestion seems to be helpful if accepted in strengthening the process of indigenization of social work education in Bangladesh. In addition, primary data were collected through focus group discussions FGDs to supplement the interview data. The annual report on violence against women. Poverty and Baltimore, USA: Objectives of the Study

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