The services offered to individual and community manually are disappearing in favor of online services with the use of computer and internet technology1. It is vital for the existing legal environment to respond positively to the needs of technology. In turn, this provides an opportunity for the widespread growth of cybercrimes through internet. Many governments have already adopted particular regulations and legislations as an answer to the need of ensuring the adoption of security measures. University and Faculty Research Cooperation Proposals submitted to the university -wide research competition are being evaluated by a Mzumbe University. A matrix for International cooperation and vulnerability assessment,digital.

I definitely enjoyed reading it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. There are several other issues that need to be taken into account by developing countries adopting existing ant cybercrime strategies: The author has written extensively on cyber regulation, but unfortunately this was done before the enactment of the current cyber-crimes Act, The first is to enact a comprehensive piece of legislation on ICT and electronic evidence to provide for admissibility of electronic records and documents as well as electronic signatures. E-Learning, E-Commerce, E-Business, E-Banking and now E-Government have changed the traditional modes of business into virtual world that is face to face without being face to face2.

For BAF student, Proplsal research proposal and report are available online. The study at hand shall endeavors to provide for a rigorous examination on legal and technical constraints affecting implementation of cybercrimes legislation in Tanzania, and therefore, shall provide for a thorough analysis of the current Cybercrimes Act,so as to identify any possible gaps, and propose any measure viable for addressing those barriers.

Data analysis will take place after data processing whereas data will have to be analyzed in order to relate their relationships or differences, to prpoosal the results that will be obtained to establish the conclusion there after. Orezen study, identified variables that constructed the scale based on the expert opinion.



Revitalizing Universities in Africa: He argues that, the global nature of the Internet has resulted enormously increased opportunities for the cyber criminals. However, attacks against information infrastructure and internet services now have the potential to harm the society in new and critical ways 4. While there is some flexibility in this formatting requirements as necessary between different research programs, the mzkmbe structure should stay similar to what is given here.

Some instruments such as data retention could interfere with the rights of innocent Internet users. This is motivated by the fact that the internet has enhanced the transfer of information and how the world communicates.

research proposal mzumbe university

He briefly cites the most common cyber-crimes including online financial frauds, credit cards frauds, software and data theft, cyber-stalking, publications of obscene materials, cyber pornography software piracy and propisal.

The author continued stressing that, it is very important to explore and understand the problem in detail and to identify obstacles to international cooperation in combating computer crime. Remember me on this computer.

Skip to main content. By Halefom H Abraha. The financial damage caused by cyber-crime is enormous. Computers and the internet have made the criminal a better criminal, and while the again mzumbbe catching up, proposla do not have nearly enough resources and expertise to catch crooks to any meaningful extent7.

Why a quality assurance system at MU? Nowadays, many services are available over the internet, reseearch as, internet banking, shopping, voice over internet protocol VoIP telephony, auction, gambling and many other services that are increase in both number and size.

Click here to sign up. This is mainly so, because combating and investigating computer crimes are complex tasks that rely upon adopting best practices in legislations, policy and procedures and technology and resources. Newer Post Older Post Home. These four countries represent a spectrum of economic development and culture. Mzumbe University Student Guideline.


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Given the fact that Cyber Law in Tanzania is in the infancy stage, there are few registered cases and very few researches conducted under this area, thus inadequacy of such important information is likely to be a real obstacle.

Benjamin Jonathan August 25, at 2: More importantly, the study shall reveal legal and technical barriers affecting the implementation of cybercrimes legislation and thereof recommends measures viable for addressing those constraints. I am very happy to locate your website. Courseworktutors Inc March 13, at 1: Lack of eForensic skills and expertise is another core issue remains unsolved over a long period besides widespread use of pirated software to prevent cyber-crime.

The risk associated with weak protection measures could in fact affect Tanzania more intensely, due to the less strict safeguard and protection.

Nevertheless, the implementation of an existing anti-cybercrime strategy poses a number of difficulties.


Computer Crime or Cybercrime is increasingly becoming one of the main threats to the wellbeing of the nations of the world. MUScholar is an open access electronic archive for the collection, preservation and mzkmbe of digital materials created by members of the research community at Mzumbe University. I find this article useful.

research proposal mzumbe university