Receive and inspect electrical supplies, materials and tools. Having these problems in mind, the researcher conceptualized the idea of integrating Pinoy Games in teaching the concept, particularly, Distance Formula to help the learners develop skills in mathematics. The opposite of engagement is disaffection. The last strategy is Differentiated teaching, Effective teachers use evidence of student learning readiness, learning progress, and knowledge of individual student learning profiles, to make adjustments for individuals so all students experience challenge, success and improved learning. It is used to provide feedback to students, to check for understanding, and to quickly assess student progress. While a select few shine with these qualities, many students show the exact opposite.

Respondents of the Study The respondents of the study will be one hundred fifty selected junior high school students and fifty 50 teachers handling the junior high school students of Camarin High School. According to Garnett , many students face math learning problems of different types; these learning difficulties range from mild to severe, and require instructional attention and various treatment methods. Supporting this view is the relation between play and interaction which is the primary context for teaching and learning. From an enrollment of 42 in , the College had in Researchers only select skills that acquired already by the 2nd year 1st and 2nd semester to be fair with both 2nd year and 3rd year as our respondents. When teachers adopt explicit teaching practices they clearly show students what to do and how to do it.

Thsis play, children learn about the physical, cognitive, linguistic, emotional, social and moral domains of their world…As children mature, play becomes more organized to include rules and negotiation…As a result, children also learn about themselves and how to relate to other people, preparing them for independent life” Boekhoven,p.

This study will be a great help for the students in order to determine their technical skills. Lessons need clear learning saple with goals that clarify what success looks like. For instance, they can learn about weight through playing with sands and water, about numbers by counting vegetables in the pretend store, and about using symbols by playing cihy unstructured toys. What challenges have you encountered in the integration of Pinoy Games in teaching Mathematics 10?


Student directed learning allows a child to have power and responsibility in their education.

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Worked examples are effective in demonstrating what success looks like, and how to achieve success. Use personal protective clothing and devices.

Evaluate risks and hazards. The program aims to focus not only on the universityy field of the learners but also to the technical and livelihood skills they have. Figure 1 presents the theoretical framework of the study.

May 17,Friday, 9: Schools have a tremendous influence over students.

sample thesis of university of caloocan city

Descriptive research is used to find study with adequate and accurate interpretation and findings. There are other factors which affect the academic grades of the caloocwn.

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How do the respondents assess their technical skills as to the following: Background of the Study Motivating students is one of the greatest challenges teachers undergo. May 16,Thursday, 9: Maintain kitchen tools, equipment and working area. However, technical skill is still important in our education. To develop more the academic achievement of the students and to unleashed more the technical skills that they possess.

Technical skills – are those abilities acquired through learning and practice. It is most effective when exposures are used deliberately to assist learners to master new knowledge and skills, and when the exposures are spaced over time.

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Classrooms are composed of both engaged and disaffected students. Free flowing play shold not be hemmed in by rules, it should give the child the opportunity to go beyond the real world and it should allow the child to be original in their thinking. Second, increase student participation in learning and school decisions by providing opportunities to develop responsibility, independence and leadership skills.


As a teacher, instructor or learning facilitator in our classroom, we want our students to be highly engaged in learningyet many researches showed that forty per cent of high school students are reported being disengaged from learning, inattentive and bored with school.


The use of physical skills and sensations to learn about materials and their properties, what they feel like and what can be done with them. It means that academic and technical skills are still essential.

Maintain occupational health and safety awareness Drafting 5 4 3 2 universitu 1.

What is the profile of the respondents in terms of: Samplle and use measuring instruments 4. The related studies mentioned have provided the researcher insight and ideas on the view of integrating the concept of plays a means of establishing programs that could provide benefit to kindergarten pupils through the support of school officials as well as to determine what particular aspects in the study should be explored and highlighted.

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sample thesis of university of caloocan city

Scope and Delimitation of the Study This study confined in determining the relationship between the technical skills and the academic performance of the selected BSE TLE students. Effective teachers provide opportunities for students to participate in flexible groups that collaborate on meaningful tasks, universitty respond to questions that support achievement of learning goals.