Science 5B — Finish Chapter review. Dismissal is at 4 PM. If you owe, please hand in ASAP! Social Studies — Lesson 2 Review on p. Writing Wrap Up, p. Some students must complete Chapter Review corrections. Quiz on twelve words tomorrow.

Religion — Finish classwork worksheet from last week. Monday, May 6, Spanish — Write first page of new list 3x each. But for those teachers who feel overwhelmed and under-prepared, I offer these ideas and resources that could easily be incorporated into an essay lesson plan or a unit on how to write a college application essay:. If you are NOT attending school on that day, you should not plan to participate. Spanish — Test tomorrow. Religion — Test on Friday, on Chapter 9.

Vocabulary — Book, pp.

Spelling — Write misspelled words 5x each due on Wednesday. English — Unit 1 Test tomorrow Sentences. I have now received all permission slips, and requests for chaperone.

Mrs. McGlynn Homework

Dismissal is at 4 PM. There is no Unit test with this unit. Monday, April 29, Spelling — Book, pp. Cranofrd — Workbook, p.


Please have donations in by Friday, Nov. Use your Study Sheet!! Please include your first name, and enter email LDeMan smscranford. Our writers work closely with you to create the best possible assignment deserving of the highest grade.

On Tuesday, please bring scissors and glue white glue or glue stick to class for project. If you would like to participate in the Grab Bag on Friday, bring a gift in by Friday.

Mrs. Larkin Homework

These donations will be sent to the Cranford Community food bank. Check your email for the list of Catholic Schools Week activities! Please try to send in a can of cranberry sauce or a box of stuffing mix.

sms cranford homework

Sooner than later, please! Meeting will begin at 7 PM in the auditorium. Tuesday, April 9, You do not have the time or do not want to read actively.

sms cranford homework

Spelling — Write words misspelled on pretest 5x each use the back of pretest for repetitions. Our time to attend the shop will be Thursday, Dec. English — Finish classwork, Text. Is your policy on due dates clear?


Saint Michael School Cranford NJ – Miss Collins Homework

Math — Workbook p. If you are NOT attending school on that day, you should not plan to participate. The 8th Graders will sell pretzels during lunch on Friday. Come cheer on the competitors representing our school! Spelling cranfird 5x each due tomorrow….

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Spanish — Worksheet, due Wed. Also, weekly test tomorrow. Classroom Economy monthly auction will be tomorrow during school. There will be NO Spelling lesson this week, due to the short week.