These ministers and advisors of the king were also not battle ready. Presiding over the empire at its zenith, he is regarded as an icon by many Indians. During this period, the Kakatiyas promoted Telugu and the Hoysalas promoted Kannada. The Kakatiyas were subordinates to the Chalukyas until , after which they became independent rulers. But the wily Timmarusu secured the information of Prataparudra’s plan by bribing a Telugu deserter, who was formerly under the service of Prataparudra. The administrative languages of the Empire were Kannada and Telugu—the latter was also the Court language. The Nayaks of Chitradurga also promoted Kannada.

His body was a radiant black, blacker than the rain cloud. From —, it was a glorious period in South Indian history or rather, in the history of the subcontinent. Allasani Peddana was the foremost of the Ashta Diggajas, hailing from a village in Anantapur district. He also ordered the emperor to tell the story in the Telugu language. The empire literally rose from the ashes of Hoysala empire.

He was the author of many memorable works like Nyayamritam on metaphysics, Tarkatandava on Logic. Krishna Deva Raya’s success at Ummatur provided the necessary impetus to carry his campaign into Coastal Andhra region which was in control of the Gajapati Raja Prataparudra Deva.

Retrieved from ” https: His eyes wise and sparkling, put the lotus to shame.

sri krishnadevaraya essay in telugu

You dismissed this ad. Krishna Deva Raya considered the saint his Kula-devata and highly honored him. One of his famous works was Manucharitamu, Another famous poet was the author of Parijathapaharanamu called the Nandi Thimmanna. The battle between the Bahamani Sultan and the Adilshah of Bijapur and Krishnadevaraya was fought at the place name, Doni and there Krishnadevraya defeated them and pursued them up to Kovilakonda where they were again defeated.


Retrieved 26 July After the Krishnadevaraya become the ruler of the kingdom Vijayanagar and establishment of the throne he had to face the combined army of the Bahamani Sultan and the Adilshah of Bijapur. Amuktamalyada describes pain of separation viraha experienced by Andal, who is described as the incarnate of Lakshmi the consort of Vishnu. Directorate of Government Print, Stationery and Publications. His other famous works were Udhbataradhya Charitamu about the great Shaivite preacher Udhbhata and also explores the sanctity of Kashi.

Was annadurai a Telugu?

Andhra Historian Rama Rao has chronicled the rise of Nayudu warriors in the Vijayanagara empire in 15th century. The Great Poet-emperor of Vijayanagara. For this to save krishhnadevaraya Raichpur kingdom and to freed the Sidde Markar, Krishnadevaraya marched against the Adil Shah with an army consisting of one million men and defeated the Bijapur army at Kembavi and Surapur.

We need to understand why the Vijayanagara empire gravitated towards Telugu even though their capital Hampi was in Kannada-land and the kings were of Karnataka origin.

A History of Karnataka: But after that, he becomes successful against all his communities.

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This mighty kingdom was never defeated in years. The Gajapatis of Odisha ruled a vast land comprising Andhra regionOdisha.


sri krishnadevaraya essay in telugu

Kannada had the advantage of being promoted by the Kadambas, the Chalukyas, the Rashtrakutas, and the Hoysalas. But it is krishnadevaraa as a golden age of Telugu literature. Will not be published Required.

Krishnadevaraya returned all the territory north of the river Krishna to Prataparudra Gajapati. During this period, the Kakatiyas promoted Telugu and the Hoysalas promoted Kannada. krishnadevarzya

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The rule of Krishnadevaraya was a glorious and undefeatable in the chapter of the history of Vijayanagara Empire. Look at the first two titles. He is the third ruler of the Tuluva Dynasty. The rule of Krishna Deva Raya was an age of prolific literature in many languages, although it is also known as a golden age of Telugu literature.

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Office of the Chief Editor, Karnataka Gazetteer. Bennett University Apply Now. When Shivaji’s brother, Venkoji founded the Maratha kingdom in Tanjavur, Telugu not Marathi became the language of the court.