All Years 10 to Terms 1 – 4 Selection Process: Open invite Coding Camp Year Levels: Applications open in March and close by end of May. External selection – see WA School Sport website. All Years 9 to

Open to all interested Year 8 students. The Mock Trial Competition provides an enjoyable, dynamic way of introducing students to the law. The activities presented in this collection are representative of activities that have run over the past five years. Interested students from Coding Club. Writer in residence works with these students in workshops. All year Selection Process: All students in training squad eligible.

Open to any Year 11 student.

Extension & Enrichment

As relevant to specific projects Selection Process: All Years 10 to All Media Committee students. Optional participation Robo Rally Hhistory Levels: Each year Barbershop Year Levels: The focus is on extending understanding of how stylistic conventions can be used to effectively create mood and meaning.

Advanced students are given the chance to conduct an ensemble in class or cocurricular group. Term 1 or 2 Selection Process: Open to all year groups. Design promotional material for Arts Fest and other school events.


End of Semester 1 Selection Process: Tournament of Minds Year Levels: All Year 10 to 12 media students Extension Photography, video editing skills based workshops after school Year Levels: Four hour problem solving examination.

The students experience begins with training in the regulations of a PC2 laboratory and micropipette use after hiatory they begin their exploration of genetic toolkit of a medical research scientist. Outreach Events The College has an on-going commitment to equality and excellence through outreach and as such we plan a number of events throughout the year.

Advanced performers by teacher selection. competiion

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Please see the How to Enter section for more details regarding student and teacher entry requirements. Australian Volleyball School Cup in Melbourne. They are facilitated by practicing artists and designers and have a skills acquisition focus.

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Open to Years 10 – All Year 9 – April holidays Selection Process: With driverless cars becoming a part of the future, students created robotic cars which can navigate through a makeshift obstacle course. Application in writing to the Head of Languages.



Enrichment Students -Selected students. Students are exposed to the backstage and technical aspects of theatre and the discipline required to compstition a performance of a high standard.

st hildas essay competition history

Bi-annual event which will run in Selection Process: Collaborating with universities in WA to extend coding skills. Available to all interested students Language Assistant Year Levels: Includes personal statement and interview prep as well as a introduction to exploring beyond the curriculum.

st hildas essay competition history

Raising Aspirations — Presentations for students in years 9, 10 and 11 which explore all post and post options, with a focus on thinking about applying to University. Available to all interested students studying French. All year Professional Musicians Year Levels: Congratulations to both of the Teacher Chaperones on being chosen for this fantastic experience.

Year 11 Drama students.