For specific questions on organization or labeling, check with your thesis supervisor to see if there is a style guide you should use. Tetrahymena pyriformis , and bacteria e. Honors Thesis A term paper can be spectacularly ambitious, lengthy, and well-done but its only goal is to demonstrate that the student has mastered the material. A Thesis Needs A Thesis. No kaolin treatments were significantly different from control, but there appeared to be increased insecticidal response to the half rate compared to label rate for spider mite incidence. From Interest to Thesis One of the major problems Scholars encounter is how to translate an interest in a topic into a thesis.

Not every book and article you look at will end up cited in your thesis, and not every day in the lab will be reflected in your results. To apply to the Schreyer Honors College as a current Penn State student, please fill out the application below. Moringa grows in countries with the highest rates of malnutrition, exactly where it is needed the most. Tables and figures must be referred to in the text by number, not by a phrase such as “the following table. The table of contents must appear immediately after the abstract and should not list the abstract, the table of contents itself, or the vita. You must acknowledge this use and provide an appropriate citation, but you do not need permission to use works in the public domain works on which a copyright never existed or on which copyright has expired. Or consult your thesis supervisor or the Penn State Libraries for more information.

The thesis is, by design, your most ambitious undertaking as a Scholar. Do not include your GPA. It has been cultivated in rural areas to improve nutritional security and purify drinking water. This is an experience most students obtain only if they attend graduate school. Poecilia reticulataprotozoa e.

High schools offer great opportunities in some areas that can give you a running start in college, even including research, but not in other areas. A rule of thumb to use in deciding whether given materials are tables or figures is that tables can be typed, but figures must be drawn. For specific questions on organization or labeling, check with your databaze supervisor to see if there is a style guide you should use.


Time Unlike a doctoral dissertation, which is ready when it’s ready even if that turns out to be a year or more past the original expectation, the honors thesis shouldn’t extend your time at Penn State by design. Workflow These distinctions among types of writing are important because they dictate different timelines for the transition from research to writing, and whether a thewis transition even makes sense.

However, Scholars who enter as second- or third-year students do not receive the Academic Excellence Scholarship.

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You should take proactive steps against procrastination by making yourself accountable to someone other than yourself. There is no restriction on the length of the abstract, but it is usually no longer than one page.

But if the supervisor happens to be a professor of literature, you are still able to pursue honors in history based on the substance and methodology of the thesis.

At this point it’s useful to review the purpose of the thesis, from the SHC’s perspective.

Better understanding of the leaf surface of Moringa is a key area of research for future studies. If you wish to enter the Schreyer Honors College as a Paterno Fellow, or if you have questions about your eligibility, please contact your Liberal Arts adviser and do not submit an application.

thesis database schreyer

Not every book and article you look at will end up cited in your thesis, and not every day in the lab will be reflected in your results. Your acquired leadership skills combined with our many exciting service-learning opportunities will enable you to benefit communities close to home and around the world.

Background Moringa is a subtropical tree native to the Indian subcontinent Ramachandran, Think ahead, preferably well before the time of your thesis proposal, about xchreyer your thesis work will mean for your senior scureyer schedule.

Students entering the Honors College in their second or third year enjoy most of the benefits of Honors College membership, including priority registration, a wide array of honors courses, the ability to honors-option coursesenhanced access to research and scholarly opportunities, and travel and research support funding.


Second- and Third-Year Entrants including Paterno Fellows If you were admitted to the Honors College after your first year or via the Liberal Arts Paterno Fellows program, you are expected to write your thesis for honors in your entrance major.

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The online application form includes additional criteria for your academic unit. It is about a sense of time and place shared by the hundreds of thousands of current students and daatbase who call themselves Penn Staters.

Per gram, the nutrition content of dried Moringa leaves can be very concentrated, making it a perfect supplement to any dish Price, Copyright law, otherwise known as the fair use doctrine. Applicants must have at least one completed semester at the time of application. Here is some advice for both groups:. The honors adviser is the gatekeeper for any area-specific policies or requirements beyond the thesis itself.

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An honors adviser from the area in which you are pursuing honors must datwbase and approve your thesis. Use lower case Roman numerals for the front matter and Arabic numbers for the text.

This is especially worth remembering in the life sciences, where faculty expertise is spread among many different departments and colleges. Eight replicates were conducted for each treatment in this single study.

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Qualifying Paterno Fellows will be admitted to the Schreyer Honors College through a separate process. You should include an acknowledgments page if you received a grant from the university or an outside agency that supported your research.

Scholarly writers have to organize their material, [and] express an argument clearly enough that readers can follow the reasoning and accept their conclusions.