Another highlight of this system is that it effectively reduces variations in plasma drug concentration by delivering the drug in a controlled and reproducible fashion Formulation development and characterization. This method does not affect the rate of gastric emptying over a prolonged time. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences ; 2: Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences ; They are created in a manner that upon contact with gastric contents CO 2 is released finally entrapping in swollen hydrocolloids, that makes dosage forms buoyant Turkish Journal of Pharmaceuticals Sciences ;

Reddy BV, Navaneetha K: Inflatable gastrointestinal delivery system Intragastric-osmotically controlled drug delivery system Floating capsules Floating pills Floating system with ion exchange resins Non- effervescent Systems: The proximal portion referred to as fundus and the body functions as storage for undigested food. Mintage journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences ; 2: Formulation and In-Vitro Evaluation. Review on gastro retentive drug delivery system. Review from previous studies:

thesis on gastroretentive drug delivery system

Drugs having low solubility at high pH values. Recent advances in floating microspheres as gastro-retentive drug delivery system: The much obvious interest in this scenario is owing to its two fold advantage.

Either round or spherical shaped dosage form exhibit better property related to other shapes. A review of formulation approaches.

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Its operation constitutes of measuring a force equivalent to F with respect to time which keeps the object submerged. Formulation and In-Vitro Evaluation. Indo-Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Delifery ; 1: There occurs a phenomenon of interdigestive myloelectric cycle or migrating myloelectric cycle MMCwhich is divided in 4phases as given by Wilson and Washington 6.


Upon food being ingested, the stomach motions vary fasted to fed state. Owing to tremendous curative benefits of the oral controlled release dosage forms are being preferred as the interesting topic in pharmaceutical field to achieved improved therapeutics advantages.

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Fed or Unfed State: This improves the gastric residence span of drugs in stomach. The former chamber has drugs and the latter has volatile liquid.

Gastrointestinal transit of pellets of differing size and density. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences ; 2: A high protein and fat rich diet can increase GRT by 4 to 10h.

Phase I- Basal phase, lasts from 30 to 60 minutes with delifery contractions and is characterized by a lack of secretory, electrical, and contractile activity.

This system provides higher efficiency due to reduced counter activity by body.

thesis on gastroretentive drug delivery system

International Journal of Pharma Sciences ; 3: Gastric retention time is less during fasting condition due to rise in gastric motility Nature of Meal: To sustain the GRT of a drug delivery system an inflatable chamber has to be incorporated, that carries a liquid e. Int J Pharm Sci Res ; 5 4: Mishra V and Singh A: An approach to enhance Gastric retention for prolonged drug release. Suitable Drug candidates Example Drugs acting locally in the stomach.


GRDDS is fed into the system after the meal as time of stay in stomach depends on digestive state. Primarily, the oral controlled release dosage forms have the potential to upkeep an effective concentration in system for a longer duration. Asian Journal of Pharmacy and Medical Science ; 2: International Journal of Drug Development and Research ; 4: As depicted in Figure 6, the presence of force F in a higher positive side makes the object flow better. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research ; 4: International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences ; 2: Vasa S and Banji D: Unsuitable Drug Candidates Example Drugs having very limited acid solubility.

The stomach provides for short term food reservation and quick consumption of relatively large meal.

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