They are among the most famous examples of serial killer art. When Gacy was eleven years old he was playing by a swing set when he was hit in the head by one of the swings. FBI documents reflect cooperation with local authorities and Gacy’s identification record or “rap sheet. A natural salesman, he could talk his way in and out of practically any situation. Louis on Saturday morning, shack up at the Embassy Suites on the waterfront and “party hearty” on Saturday night. He joined the local Jaycees 17 and held key offices and received numerous honors as a Jaycee.

Fox, James Alan et al. He was going down and damn well knew it. Sociopathy is an “antisocial character disorder” in which a person has a complete lack of empathy for others. At least five of these boys became his victims. He was found guilty on March 13 and sentenced to death. This is what Robert Motta believed was best for his client.

thesis statement on john wayne gacy

After the closing arguments and the testimony of over a hundred witnesses over a period of five weeks, the jury was left to make their decision. One of his favorite routines was to persuade them to participate in his “handcuff trick” in order to incapacitate them. Soon after learning the name of the contractor who had offered the job to Piest, Lt. Gacy was directing the parade that year, for the third year in a row.

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Even 14 years after the fact, Sullivan admits that the most frustrating aspects of the case are its “enormity” and “probably never knowing whether bacy were any more victims out there. In the end Gacy pled guilty to sodomy sattement recieved 10 years in prison. Gacy moved in with his mother and obtained work as a chef in a Chicago restaurant. Ressler reported that after conclusion of his interview, he rang for the guard, who did not come for a good 20 minutes because it was shift change time.

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I had to hit the key lessons from the encounter.

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Or answer all of them, who’s stopping you? The earth in the crawl space was sprinkled thseis lime but qayne to have been untouched. The 33 indictments of John Wayne Gacy document the State of Illinois case against one of the most prolific and notorious murderers in United States history.

He was eventually removed from the courtroom as Gacy sat by exhibiting no signs of emotion. In fact, he had employed teenagers in his business and had them dig trenches in the crawl space underneath his home.

thesis statement on john wayne gacy

He knew he could not afford to let the past disrupt his future if he could help it. Anyone who thinks seriously of committing a crime, and not committing suicide if caught, should visit a real prison.

Gacy recanted his confession and did not testify at trial, where he asserted an insanity stayement unsuccessfully. His execution was a statemwnt media sensation, and large crowds of people gathered for “execution parties” outside the penitentiary, with numerous arrests for public intoxication, open container violations, and disorderly conduct.

He put his talents to work when he was hired at his first job out of business school at the Nunn-Bush Shoe Company. Ringall was one of the few victims of John Wayne Gacy, Jr. He was charged with the attempted rape of a young man. What do you think about all the crime that we have here? The investigation into his disappearance would lead to not only the discovery of his body but johm bodies of Butkovich, Bonnin, Carroll, Szyc, Gilroy and twenty-seven other young men who had suffered similar fates.


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What waynne I say about statdment Unknown to his parole officer, Gacy was arrested by Chicago police on Feb. Some of his ex-employees told of his mood swings and how he would trick them into being handcuffed. A second search warrant was executed and three lime-covered bodies were found in the crawl space.

From inside his cell, Gacy should be able to see a small enclosed courtyard that at one time was used as a basketball court by death row inmates.

It is currently in the possession of Dr.

When Gacy was not working, he was active in the Waterloo, Iowa, Jaycees. After his father came home from work he often went to the basement and started drinking. On May 10,the sentence was carried out. However, once again he refused to let his health problems stand in the way of life and happiness. Ironically, one of the last things Gacy will see as he’s wheeled into the death chamber is an exit sign hanging over the door.

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thesis statement on john wayne gacy

Edmond Bergler 1who treated over a thousand homosexuals, concluded that gays tended to: