Thank you for your below enquiry, and further to our telephone conversation, please be advised that the absences which are more than in last 5 years during the time of your 5 years of the Tier 1 status, will not make you quaify for the settlement, and so for your dependents, however if you require further clarifications, please let me know and I will be glad to assist you. You will not be able to work for another company on the Entrepreneur visa. Does she have to sign a franchise agreement before the application or wait until the application is successful? MAC suggested some significant changes to the existing application system. We would recommend having an initial consultation to discuss your enquiry in more detail for us to provide you advice. Our business immigration solicitors will be in touch with you in due course. Please let me know either am I eligible to apply for same category or not?

The various, rather complicated, ways of proving your English language ability are set out in Appendix B to the immigration rules particularly at para 6 onwards. Have you been appointed as a director of a new or existing company and notified Companies House or registered as a self-employed person within 6 months of the visa issue date or your date of entry in to the UK? English language requirement You must have a minimum B1 level of English language and score 10 points in this section, or your application will be refused. If you are contemplating lending money to a company, or making an equity investment, you should ensure that you fully understand your rights and that these are documented appropriately. It is important to ensure all documents submitted are in the correct format and that they meet the requirements under the immigration rules. I understand you are looking at visa options for your parents to invest in the UK. Thank you for getting in touch with us.

Clearance visa and extension visa guidance till citizenship. This is something that our firm routinely deals with. If the money hier not held in pounds sterling, we will use the rate of conversion on the Oanda.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur £K – IMMIGRATION TO UK

Good evening I will like to know more about the tire1 visa but the issue is that I don’t have that much amount or even cash to support my self I have lived in the UK for 10 years before I was deported and ever since things have not been easy for me till date so how can you be of help thanks. Your brother would need to meet the financial requirement by showing that he has access to k of investment funds which are disposable in the UK.


tier 1 entrepreneur 200k business plan

However, as the Entrepreneur rules are complex and its application depends on specific circumstances of each Applicant, in order for us to provide an advice we would need to obtain more detailed instructions on the circumstances of your case.

The Home Office can request that you attend an interview during which they will attempt to ascertain whether your intentions are genuine.

My mum is also dependent on him been leaving with him for the last 13 years. We both work as full time employees with multinational companies.

This appeal was allowed on both grounds, under the immigration rules and the Human Rights. You provide the specified documents to show cash money to the amount required this must not be in the form of assets and, where multiple documents are provided, they wntrepreneur show the total amount required is available on the same date.

tier 1 entrepreneur 200k business plan

Dear Sir, it is appears that you may possibly be eligible to apply for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. I wonder if my husband must apply as the same time as me? Sufficient amount of funds i am having it. A solicitor will contact you shortly.

If the money is held in several financial institutions, you must supply a recent letter from each institution. Popular articles from this firm WhatsApp messages: We can assist you with the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa application. All of the funds required must be freely transferable to the UK and able to be converted entrereneur pounds sterling. What is a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa? A settlement application has considerably more detailed guidance notes published by the Home Office which must be followed meticulously.

Please kindly get in touch with myself, Oshin Shahiean on and myself and my colleagues in the business immigration depart would be more than happy to assist you through the process. You provide the specified documents to show cash money to the amount required this must not be in the form entrepreneeur assets and, where multiple documents are provided, they must show the total amount required is available on the same date ; The specified documents are provided to show that you have permission to use the money to invest in a business in the UK, and that: With regard to the issue of you being deported from the UK, we will require more information to assess whether this will have a bearing on future applications.


There are several key requirements to be met in order to get a visa as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur. A key error those applying pplan a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa make when presenting their business plan is simply submitting the version they have developed for investors and lenders. A settlement application can potentially be one of the most significant applications that you will make whilst in the UK and it is important that you obtain correct, detailed advice from specialists in the field to ensure that your application is successful.

You must be able to support yourself for the entire length of your stay in the United Kingdom without needing to rely on public money. Dear Sirs, I am asking about an extension application for tier 1 entrepreneur visa.

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You have held the money for a consecutive 90 — day period of time, ending no earlier than 31 days before the date of application, or You have held the money for less than a consecutive bbusiness — day period of time, ending no earlier than 31 days before the date of application, and you provide the following specified evidence: How viable and credible your source of funds is How much market research you have done in your chosen sector and whether you have a viable business plan Your business experience and academic qualifications Your immigration history The two main components of the Genuine Entrepreneur Test are your business plan and an interview with the Home Office.

I will confirm the contents of this letter to the agency at their request. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Please let me know.

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If you cannot you could face financial hardship as you do not have access to most state benefits. However, this application failed due to insufficient evidence of being a genuine entrepreneur. I wanted to know what are the fund criteria for switching from tier 2.