From remaining after-school for float assembly or allocating weekends to rehearse MEX to being engaged during pep rallies, the community during homecoming week becomes more unified and spirited than ever before. Very strong academically, get you ready for college but lacks a lot of the social elements of other schools. Want a booth at JDay ? With freshman year summer assignments in particular, difficulty in communication was another pushing factor in this policy change. While most individuals enjoy the celebrations and events occurring throughout the school, not many consider the work devoted to the success of homecoming. Check out the election packet below!

Even though several of the guidelines outlined in the announcement had been discussed before, the school year was the first in which the Homework Expectations Committee was formed and an official guideline was implemented. Be creative, and the more the merrier! During the final pep rally on Oct. Tammy Ding Sophomore Ikhlaas Bhat reads When Asia was the World, a book that was given to read as a summer assignment before the year began. JDay Basketball in gym 2!! Don’t forget to fill out PO’s and appropriate finance office paperwork!

With freshman year summer assignments in particular, difficulty in communication was another pushing factor in this policy change.

On this note, Bonitatibus points poilcy that students will often take steps to become better at classes they are interested in without the need for required assignments— if materials are provided over the summer, students will likely take initiative to prepare for a course on their own. Tjhxst or Phone Password Forgot account?

French students spend Spring Break exploring France. The New Terror of Chernobyl.

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Homework Expectations Committee sets standards of homework for the school year. The New Terror of Chernobyl. After the committee presented their proposals, the proposals were either accepted, rejected, or revised. As a class officer, stude In doing so, plicy Homework Expectations Committee hopes to promote a school-wide change.


Glazer every Tuesday at lunch where we discuss the aforementioned student issues and try to come to an agreement on potential solutions for these issues.

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The prospect was first conceived several months ago in response to voices of concern from the Jefferson community questioning the worth of summer assignments. To the majority Asian and White population, it does not seem bad, as most of them have one or two black or hispanic friends. As tjhhsst of teacher appreciation week, we’ll be using them to homewkrk word clouds that will be set as each teacher’s desktop background.

There are also a lot more math homesork available that aren’t offered in base schools, although I personally never took any of these as I was more of a bio kid. The engineering projects we work on are challenging and the satisfaction felt when successfully completing an assignment or scoring well on an exam is genuine.

To submit a photo: Students across the Jefferson community popicy the annual homecoming activities varying from floats to musical extravaganzas MEX. The school provided so many experiences for me to really find my passion and explore different paths through the courses offered.

Set up a reunion site on Reunion Manager, Inc now so when you want to hold your first reunion it will be easy, and you’ll have everyone information in one convienent place for all time. As an upperclassmen illustrated, our life through Jefferson is a book, tjhssh those who experience homecoming are chapters in their stories. Teachers may still put out material for students to look over before school starts to better their chances of success in a particular course.


tjhsst homework policy

International Day — with Divya Homewor and 3 others. Senior 4 months ago Overall Experience Report. We remove just a little bit of stress by making the summer assignments not homewwork and start the in a positive way. Be creative, and the more the merrier! We are a community of athletics that is disregarded due to our academic curriculum; therefore, it was necessary that [other] high school students understood through the spirit video that our athletics program is parallel to theirs.

School helps with individual’s time management, academic opportunities are great, but it is a stressful environment, many students are depressed and peer pressure is immense. Leading the class of in polict choreography amongst five other skillful dancers, freshman Rose Du produced an array of dance moves that she believed freshmen could readily learn.

Homework Expectations Committee sets standards of homework for the school year – tjTODAY

It is important to recognize that Jefferson is not removing summer assignments as a whole, however. In doing so, the Homework Expectations Committee hopes to promote a school-wide change.

tjhsst homework policy

Lots of others options out there that won’t take your money! From ‘s Class Council, we would like you to know that we will always be here to support you through anything you are going through, or not. As there is no actual way to change this problem, unless making the admission process easier for low-income and minority communities, another way must be found to incorporate these cultures into TJ, making the student feel more proud about their cultures.