He does not allow his dark past to blur his vision and the continuous desire to be a star. Sometimes, it would be very difficult to celebrate his achievements because it could be true that he was propelled, and motivated by the drugs. Whenever he was playing, thousands of people could throng the coat because of his professionalism in the game. We will write a custom essay sample on Chris Herren Unguarded: No one had ever looked him in the eye and told him what he already knew: Stars Screen Binge Culture Media.

But if anyone thinks Herren wasted his talent or his life, he doesn’t see it that way. However, the young man had a different influence from his childhood. It might look like he is teaching kids the mechanics of a jump shot, or a pick-n-roll, or a full-court press, but what he is really doing is teaching them to discover their self-esteem. That life is in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, these days, where Herren, 36, spends his days marveling over the routine tasks of waking his children up for school every morning and putting them to bed every night — a ritual he calls his proudest achievement. Herren seemed to be a disappointment to the desires of the nation, which yearn to have all its citizens educated. Herren shot heroin into his veins before his mother’s funeral, bailed on his wife and newborn son in the hospital to get drunk, and even had to be brought back to life once after an overdose. He had been noted driving under the influence of drugs:

He does not allow his dark past to blur his vision and the continuous desire to be a star. After the Herren had returned from the rehabilitation centre, he joined the team and he skillfully worn many trophies.

Former NBA player recounts struggle with drug addiction

He never gave up. As a star and an icon in basketball, this could act as a means of perpetuating drug abuse. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. In the event followers realize that their star chrid in drugs, chance are that they would start using the same drug that their star is using.


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They rise up again and continue with the pursuit of his desires. The earliest may have come when he was only 18, shortly after Sports Illustrated hyped the local star’s matriculation to Boston College.

Herren is a good example to those who are under the influence of drugs. As an admirable person, he could not be left just to handle himself, rather he was taken to the rehabilitation center where he was taught and helped to overcome the use of drugs. This is because people like identifying with stars especially his funs. Herren entered Denver Nuggets with 33rd overall pick in the second round.

Chris Herren Unguarded: American Dream or American Tragedy?

This pursuit of basketball as career made Herren to overlook and turn down the scholarship offer that he from Duke University and Kentucky and Boston College. Herren in real sense, has been related to the abuse of drugs of all kinds. My easay is second to none now.

unguarded chris herren essay

This could be dangerous for the upcoming generations as well as the young people who look up to him as an icon of emulation. Immediately after healing Herren was taken for taste to confirm his medical status. uguarded

unguarded chris herren essay

Heroes never give up after a tragedy has befallen them. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. This paper analyzes this dilemma by examining the life of Herren right from high school; and how he has pursued his dream Reynolds, However, coming to recognition and an appreciation as to whether Herren is an America Dream or American Tragedy is a matter of discussion. Herren is one of the key figure that the nation can point at and make a declaration that surely dreams that people often have can actually come to pass.


As part of his work with his foundation, Herren crisscrosses the country, visiting high schools, colleges and prisons to tell his raw and jarring tale. This paper however depicts Herren as a productive man to the United States of America.

Former NBA player recounts struggle with drug addiction – CNN

Drug is a very destructive thing more so cocaine and marijuana whose tests he failed. Making that buy on a street corner in unguared Celtics uniform? This is a nice move to make for any government. His victories were recognizable achievement that could not be ignored.

A limited time offer! Fortunately, because his dreams were aligned to unguardev major of Boston College, he joined the college purposely for basketball. Herren — then one of the most highly anticipated freshmen basketball players in the country — left BC after only one game after a positive test for cocaine.

In advancing his career, he opted to join NBA Draft.

unguarded chris herren essay

But unguadred doesn’t deter Herren, who says that “for some cases, we’ve paid for three months if it’s needed. He excelled well that every club wanted to hire him. After he was released by the Celtic, Herren opened up his world and opted to advernse his career further.

Herren was living with his family in Durfee. But it wasn’t any one of these moments that finally motivated him to get the treatment he needed to overcome his addiction.

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