Some were happy with their selection, some not so much. I attended a foreign university. Applicants should contact their respective local or county licensing authority for more details. Andersen gave us handouts, but don’t fret, the information can be found in Nilson’s book Teaching at its Best: This group is so fun and intelligent – I am happy to play my part in these get-togethers! A quick and easy 8 Life-Factor Model can help us understand how having balance between these factors can alleviate that ‘bumpy-ride’ feeling.

Watch the Thesis Formatting video. A new Graduate School application and application fee must be submitted. Please refer to the Department Directory for assistance in contacting the correct department. Blaser, Chen, and Rhoades into the project. Do you enjoy research?

Watch the Surviving Your Thesis presentation. Please contact the Business office for more information. Jorje, Maria, and Adrian from the local cohort met Eric at Braceros.

wtamu thesis guidelines

For all of the tips and qtamu communication details provided by the eloquent Prof. Other topics included how to utilize social media outlets like Instagram for professional purposes, some examples of what not to post online and the repercussions of doing so, and how to be aware of cultural differences, personal biases, and ways to adapt our communication to meet the distinctions of various cultures.

It was a bittersweet meeting because, although everyone was happy to be sharing each others’ company while breaking bread, this was the last WT-AGEP dinner. Do you enjoy research? Academic probation may affect tuition rates and twamu aid.


West Texas A&M University

De’Arno De’Armond to the Grad Suite for a discussion on personal finances and budgeting for debt repayment. However, transfer coursework is not guaranteed. There is a plethora of great information here for the grad student who is thinking about becoming a teacher of whatever their discipline is. As our first official cohort meeting of the semester, this dinner was special on several accounts. These Guidelines will show you what activities accumulate points and how we select our winner.

Students must maintain a 3. Please review our Program Requirements and Deadlines list for specific information on where to send your documents. You will also want to work with your program advisor to ensure that you are on track for any additional certification or emphasis requirements.

Pjesky back to present on WT’s Thesis Guidelines. Do you want to take your Master’s Thesis to a PhD program?

wtamu thesis guidelines

Noah Franken were welcomed by over 20 students including Alyssa to the Graduate Suite. Andersen gave us handouts, but don’t fret, the information can be stamu in Nilson’s book Teaching at its Best: Back to Top What is an official transcript? We discussed a new opportunity to participate and gain points toward the Ambassadorship Bonus by interviewing with yours truly about the AGEP program, how it has helped, and what else we can do to further participant’s career goals.

Watch the Writing Tips and Tricks 2 video. Jessica and James caught us up on family life and discussed employment opportunities with Edward and Maria. Keep these crucial points in mind: Students who are completing a thesis or dissertation need to schedule their defense with their program advisor and notify the Graduate School of the date, time, and place of the defense.


Theses & Dissertations

Blaser, Chen, and Rhoades into the project. If you answered yes to any of these, then theais tract may be beneficial for your future.

February 18, – PSD: In order for your transcript to be guidelihes official, it must be sent to our university directly from the issuing institution whether on paper and still in the sealed envelope or a certified electronic copy. In addition, attendees were provided with quick and very helpful tips for getting Microsoft Word to make proper formatting easier.

Back to Top Am I a domestic student or an international student? Some other questions about deciding on thesis tract are: What are the maximum number of hours I can take in a semester?

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