Also, do you know if they only look at the personal statement for the medicine portfolio or they they also look at the optional one on the NUS application? This is very tough. Newer Post Older Post. A good way to do is to remember all the good things that people have said about you, all the talents that you have been blessed with, and your noble purpose in joining the profession. One day, I read in the TIME magazine that approximately 4, people are dying each day due to lack of clean water.

Interviewers may also attempt to discuss with you current affairs usually related to health-care issues. What matters is your hard work and willingness to practice medicine upon completion of your MBBS. So if you do not have a compelling reason or story or calling, please step aside and give your space to someone else. Beware of canned answers! Essentially these activities should show that you have compassion and have a heart for the sick.

Go in there with the aim of serving people. Click continue to follow them. Conversely, they will not hesitate to reject someone who seems suspicious or mildly unsafe even with perfect scores.

Probably the best interview I’ve ever had. If there are some questions which you would like me to address specifically, please leave a comment on this post, or write to me directly so that I can do a follow-up to this article. When you keep up this positive self talk, you will realise a few things will happen: I seriously hope this is online for a long while.

Hi Faith, would like to seek some advice from you. The greatest challenge is how to actualize this dream.


Yllsom personal statement?

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yllsom personal statement

While academics are important, if you already have impressive accomplishments in your portfolio and good grade, do not go on for too long lersonal this topic. Individual Stations One of the individual stations will consist of a face-to-face interview on things such as why you chose medicine and the reviewing of your portfolio.

Tips for Entering NUS Medical School

The Exceptional Individual Admissions Scheme was developed as a way of exercising discretionary criteria in admitting a small number of students to the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. This is very tough.

yllsom personal statement

If this is not available during the time of submission, you may submit a draft of the testimonial certified with the school stamp. The most important question is: Email required Address never made public.

Do! Do! Do!!: Personal Statement

Before even applying to medicine, think lylsom what makes you stand out a seriously huge character, overwhelming empathy, care for yl,som people around you, the need to make something out of your life etc and use the personal statement to bring more attention statemment that particular trait of yours, which you can then elaborate and talk about during the actual interview. This includes the processes and arteries involving the blood and In the end, I have noticed that the most fulfilled doctors out there are not the smartest, nor are they the top scorers.

As days gone by, I believe that I am closer to the man I want to become and more optimistic that I am closer to achieving my dreams. There are a million ways to make a difference, like the dude who yolsom aeroplanes. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: A personal statement not exceeding words.


I have heard that getting C is really frowned upon and hurts my chances a lot? Copyright – Do!

Applying to NUS Medical School – Essay and Interview Tips and Advice

Also what is the no of spaces available for nus medicine this year bearing in mind we are all dragon babies. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The number of people who end up getting accepted from the waiting list varies from year to year, depending on how many people further up on the list reject their NUS Med offer.

GPA-based Shortlisting There is nothing you can do for this stage.

yllsom personal statement

You will be more confident in speaking, because you are comfortable with the words and thinking as you go. After achieving many things sporting medals, academic certificates and other accoladesI am starting to become jaded about personal achievements.

I have never applied for it before and this is my first year applying for it. Medicine is a career that is portrayed to be very intellectual and yllsim demanding in terms of knowledge.